Tooled Up Education

Going to University in the USA

Phil Garner, the founder of USA Study, provides an exciting insight what student life is like in the US, how universities select students and how they provide a very holistic education. He also gives top tips for financial support.

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Peter Clough: Mental Toughness

In this podcast, Dr Weston speaks to Professor Peter Clough about mental toughness, especially in children and young people. They explore the importance of understanding how different children will have different levels of mental toughness and will therefore need different types of support and challenge.

Tips for Motivating Your Child to Learn

Motivating children to settle down to complete learning tasks is not always easy! Our accessible tips can help you to effectively support and engage your child when they are learning at home.

Learning Through Intrigue

Children constantly come up with brilliant questions and sometimes, as parents, we don’t know how to respond. In this resource, we answer some of children’s most commonly asked scientific queries and encourage them to be curious about some they may not yet have thought of. Set your children off on a journey of discovery, safe in the knowledge that you have the correct answer.

Dr Weston Talks with Cameron Norsworthy: Flow

In this podcast, Dr Weston speaks to Cameron Norsworthy about his research into ‘flow’, in relation to raising and teaching children. Cameron, father of two children aged 2 and 5, shares his thinking on how to help children experience ‘flow’ and the benefits this provides.