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50 Questions to Ask Your Teen about Their Digital Diet

We know that effective communication between parent and child can promote better life satisfaction among young people. By having regular little chats, we invest in our children’s digital resilience and hopefully shape their thinking too! Here is a list of questions you can dip into from time to time to kickstart these important conversations.

Dinnertime Debriefs

Watch Dr Weston discuss the reasons why dinnertime chats are good for children’s and teens’ resilience, wellbeing and academic attainment.

50 Things to Ask Your Grandparents on a Video Call

Over recent months, we have all got more used to interacting online. Now is a great time to encourage your children to interact more with older family members. We suggest that children are encouraged to interview them and record the chats for posterity (with permission of course!). This resource provides a few question starters to choose from.

50 Questions to Encourage Family Chat

Try to develop your child’s voice at home in family talk and discussions. Help them to look at things from different perspectives, weigh things up and offer opinions. Teach them to take their turn and to listen to others.