Tooled Up Education

OCD and Anxiety in Children: A Parents’ Guide with Dr Anna Conway Morris

Often, OCD and anxiety are linked and it is important for parents to understand the relationship between them, how to help their child manage OCD behaviours, and when to seek appropriate support and clinical help. This webinar recording, featuring child psychiatrist, Dr Anna Conway Morris, will help to shed light on the nature of OCD in children.

Understanding Sleep, Sleep Problems and ‘What Works’ with Joanna Kippax

Dr Weston is joined by Joanna Kippax, founder of WyeSleep, in a discussion about the importance of sleep for children and teens’ mental health. Throughout this webinar recording, they talk about how sleep works, focus on common sleep problems and how to solve them, and separate fact from fiction when it comes to all things sleep!

Understanding Children’s Anger and Optimal Strategies for Managing it with Dr Anna Colton

Anger is a normal emotion. However, when anger turns into aggression or translates into violence, the causes of it, and strategies for managing it, need to be closely explored. We are joined by clinical psychologist, Dr Anna Colton, who helps us to understand anger better and provides tips on how to support our children and teens more effectively when they feel angry.