Tooled Up Education

The 10 Rs of Resilience

This video breaks down the 10 main components of resilience, and gives you easy suggestions for boosting it. Hopefully, you will recognise some of the tips as things that you already do, as well as learn some new ideas that you can work on.

Visual Metaphors to Promote Resilience

Using metaphors in family life can help to promote children’s emotional, academic and digital resilience. In this video, Dr Weston will tell you about some of her favourites, giving you some inspiration for metaphors that could work for you.

Resilience Explained

Sometimes, things are easier to understand when we use metaphors to explain them. This resource helps parents to understand how ‘resilience’ works and how to cultivate it. Hint: the metaphor of growing a plant in a fertile soil is used here!

Staying Resilient

Once children are feeling resilient and showing the signs of being so, it is important to keep it that way. This resource helps parents to understand the importance of sustaining resilience and provides messages that will help to achieving it.