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10 Ways to Support Your Child with Interview Practice

When children are preparing for an interview for a new school, it can be nerve wracking for them and us alike. It’s important for us parents to support them through the process calmly, helping them to feel prepared and comfortable. Here are our top tips.

Keeping Your Child Motivated

We all want our children to be happy and motivated to enjoy all of the opportunities that life and school have to offer. But how do we sustain motivation? Watch this video for our top tips.

Nudging Versus Pushing

As parents, we want the best for our children and we want to know that they are reaching their full potential. But we do have to be careful to keep a sense of balance between academic expectation or pressure and all of the other activities that keep them feeling good about themselves and their progress. There is a big difference between nudging and pushing. Find out more in this short video.

Researcher of the Month: Professor Beatriz Ilari Discusses the Impact of Music on Young People’s Development

Researcher of the month, Professor Beatriz Ilari chats to us about how music has a wide-ranging impact on young people’s social and emotional development. We might assume that being ‘musical’ means playing an instrument, but Professor Ilari stresses the importance of everyday musical experiences and simply of listening to and engaging with our favourite bands or songs. In this interview, we find out more about her fascinating work.

Paintings Every Family Should See and Know About

In this webinar, Laurence Hedges, Director of Art at Harrow School, will talk us through some of the ‘must see’ paintings of all time, that perhaps we can add to our viewing ‘bucket lists’ as families. More importantly, he will give us some wonderful ideas and clues as to how we can approach looking at art and, more broadly, how to promote art appreciation in children and young people.

Introducing Adaptive Teaching: A Practical Approach to Support Student Learning

In this webinar, Ariana Wells from the Teacher Development Trust speaks to us about the benefits of adaptive teaching, a more helpful and practical model than differentiation. Adaptive teaching involves being responsive to information about learning, adjusting teaching to better match the student, and using a student’s prior knowledge as a foundation for teaching new information. Ariana provides some practical advice for teachers and school staff and how to create the best, most encouraging and accessible learning environment for all students.

An A-Z of Frequently Asked Parenting Questions and How Tooled Up Can Help

The Tooled Up library covers numerous different subjects relating to parenting and education. Our content ranges from articles and interviews about connecting with nature and children’s relationship with fire, to quizzes about clouds and James Bond. But there are some subjects that we are asked about very frequently. We want to make sure that you know exactly where to find the answers to all of these common questions. Hopefully this A-Z will help you to locate what you need in the library. Some of the topics on this list are relevant to children and young people of particular ages or developmental stages. Others are more universal. We could have included many more questions, but we wanted to give you a good snapshot of exactly what we can offer. Enjoy!

The Boat Race and Elite Rowing

We talk to two superstars of the rowing world in this lively and motivating discussion. Both James Ball and ​Caoimhe Dempsey managed to secure wins at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race and here they reflect on their learning, their resilience and what it takes to become who you dream of being in sport.