Tooled Up Education

Autism Conference Bonus Talk: How to Support Autistic Children with PDA

Join educational and autism consultant/author Laura Kerbey for a presentation on PDA. Learn about the main characteristics of PDA, and crucially how young people often avoid things they love to do because of the anxiety triggered by the perceived demand or expectation. Laura talks us through some tools for support, including low-demand communication.

Autism Conference Talk: Principles of Good Autism Practice in Schools

Watch this comprehensive summary of good educational practice for schools supporting autistic pupils with Professor Karen Guldberg. Many autistic children are excluded to some extent from learning at school – from official exclusions to unofficial ones such as reduced timetables. Professor Guldberg provides the eight principles of good autism practice in a way that can easily be applied to any educational setting.

Introducing Adaptive Teaching: A Practical Approach to Support Student Learning

In this webinar, Ariana Wells from the Teacher Development Trust speaks to us about the benefits of adaptive teaching, a more helpful and practical model than differentiation. Adaptive teaching involves being responsive to information about learning, adjusting teaching to better match the student, and using a student’s prior knowledge as a foundation for teaching new information. Ariana provides some practical advice for teachers and school staff and how to create the best, most encouraging and accessible learning environment for all students.

Maths Apps and Games to Play at Home

There are lots of maths-based apps and games that are designed to encourage a love of maths and improve numeracy skills. Here are some fun and engaging examples.

An A-Z of Frequently Asked Parenting Questions and How Tooled Up Can Help

The Tooled Up library covers numerous different subjects relating to parenting and education. Our content ranges from articles and interviews about connecting with nature and children’s relationship with fire, to quizzes about clouds and James Bond. But there are some subjects that we are asked about very frequently. We want to make sure that you know exactly where to find the answers to all of these common questions. Hopefully this A-Z will help you to locate what you need in the library. Some of the topics on this list are relevant to children and young people of particular ages or developmental stages. Others are more universal. We could have included many more questions, but we wanted to give you a good snapshot of exactly what we can offer. Enjoy!

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Jessie Ricketts: Love to Read – Reading Development and Motivation

In this interview, Professor Jessie Ricketts talks to us about her innovative research into reading and language development in both teens and younger children. We explore early reading development, find out how reading ability continues to evolve into adolescence and discuss evidence-based ways to boost young people’s motivation to read. Professor Ricketts also provides lots of information on useful tools that can be used in the classroom.

Researcher of the Month: Professor Shana Carpenter Discusses the Science of Effective Learning

Researcher of the Month, Professor Shana Carpenter, talks to English teacher and examiner, Patrick Cragg about the science behind two effective learning strategies: spacing and retrieval. She outlines how and why these simple practices can benefit learning and explores why so few students actually use them. Listen for top tips on how to integrate these strategies into the classroom or at home.