Tooled Up Education

Autism Conference Talk: An Educators’ Guide to Autism and Gender Dysphoria

Join Dr Kate Cooper for a deep dive into the intersection of autism and gender dysphoria. Watch this webinar for an understanding of how challenges with communication, dealing with change, and identity can affect an autistic young person experiencing gender dysphoria. There are lots of practical tips for support: how to approach this with kindness and curiosity, and how to empower parents in helping their children.

Autism Conference Talk: Principles of Good Autism Practice in Schools

Watch this comprehensive summary of good educational practice for schools supporting autistic pupils with Professor Karen Guldberg. Many autistic children are excluded to some extent from learning at school – from official exclusions to unofficial ones such as reduced timetables. Professor Guldberg provides the eight principles of good autism practice in a way that can easily be applied to any educational setting.

Books About Autism for Parents, School Staff, Children and Young People

This list consists predominantly of books that are written for parents, carers and school staff by leading experts in the field of autism. The first section is followed by some books that are directed at young people with autism which can be either read by themselves or together with a parent, carer, or at school.

Supporting Autistic Students as They Transition to University: A Video

University dropout is more common for autistic young people than for non-autistic young people and the change from school to university can pose many challenges. In this video, youth development researcher, Dr Kathryn Bates, and writer and researcher, Kerrie Portman, herself a young autistic person who has gone through this experience, discuss key recommendations on how we can best support autistic young people as they transition to university.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Nikita Hayden: Siblings of Children with Autism

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Dr Nikita Hayden about the experiences of young people who have siblings with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Research into the outcomes of these children is extremely mixed. Dr Hayden unpacks the complexities of this, highlighting more complex family factors that also impact on young people’s outcomes. She asserts the need to target support to those young people who actually need it and discusses meaningful things that schools and families can do to help support siblings and foster good sibling relationships.

The Autistic Child: What Every Parent or Carer Needs to Know with Dr Sophia Mooncey and Adele Devine

Dr Weston is joined by Dr Sophia Mooncey and Adele Devine, authors of the excellent book, ‘A Parent’s Guide to Autism Diagnosis: What to Expect and How to Support Your Child’. They provide invaluable insights into what it means to be diagnosed with autism and how to help children see the positives. A must-watch for any parent of a child with autism, it’s packed with tips on managing anxiety and helping autistic children to thrive.

Busting Neuromyths: ADHD and Autism with Dr Jo Van Herwegen

In this webinar, Dr Jo Van Herwegen debunks many neuromyths around autism and ADHD which might impact on teachers’ practices in the classroom and the way in which we think about children who are neurodiverse. She also provides numerous actionable tips which parents and educators can use to help children with autism or ADHD to reach their potential, socially and academically.