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Being the Rainbow: Advice for School Staff Supporting a Bereaved Pupil

Sadly, up to 70% of schools have a bereaved pupil on their roll at any given time. It can feel challenging to know how best to support children going through grief, but as Justin Bowen, author of ‘Be The Rainbow: A Practical Guide for Supporting Bereaved Children in Primary Schools’, says, ‘Great bereavement support doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be thoughtful.’ We’ve spoken to Justin to get some simple and effective tips, designed to help give confidence to staff supporting children at a difficult time.

A Quick Guide to Grief and Bereavement (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Sadly, the vast majority of young people will experience the death of someone significant to them before the age of 16. Losing someone that we love is extremely difficult for the whole family and ensuring that children feel supported when the adults who care for them might be feeling emotionally overwhelmed can be tough. Thankfully, there are many resources available that can help. This quick guide talks you through some useful tips and points you to relevant resources in the Tooled Up library and beyond.

Teaching Difficult and ‘Triggering’ Texts in GCSE English

Tooled Up founder Dr Weston is joined by English teacher and examiner, Patrick Cragg, and Debi Roberts, CEO of suicide prevention charity, The OLLIE Foundation. Together, they discuss the prevalence of the theme of suicide and other mature themes in GCSE texts and how teachers can approach these sensitively.

Someone I Love is Poorly: Activity for Primary-Age Children with a Sick Relative

This resource is designed to help adults engage younger children in supportive conversations about a loved one’s illness. We invite children to gently open up about worries they may have, give them confidence to ask questions and demonstrate that there are people in their lives who are prepared to help them find out the answers.

Dr Weston Talks with Justin Bowen: Supporting Bereaved Children at School – a Father’s Story

In this interview, Dr Weston talks with Justin Bowen about his own family’s experience of loss and what prompted him to write support books for parents, schools and children experiencing bereavement. They discuss how schools can best support children who have lost a loved one (and how settings can access Justin’s fantastic and practical book, ‘Be The Rainbow’) and dwell on Justin’s personal insights into things that helped him and his family manage through this deeply challenging time. Justin’s story is an inspiring and empowering message of hope and optimism, and will help schools to see what an important role they can play in helping to heal children who have experienced the death of someone close to them.

Talking to Children About the Death of The Queen

The sad news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is likely to impact on different children, in different ways. If you’d like some support in talking to your child about this issue, here are some evidence-based tips.

Guidance for Educational Settings Following a Suicide or Sudden Death

This comprehensive document is designed to support teams to create policies and procedures for their setting and is a practical tool to refer to in the event of a crisis. We are proud to have co-written this resource with suicide prevention charity, The OLLIE Foundation, to provide leadership teams in schools and other educational settings with the detailed guidance needed to coordinate an appropriate, helpful and safe response following the tragic event of a suicide or sudden death in their community. It can also be used to plan and inform a clear suicide response strategy, just in case it is ever required.

Supporting Young People through Sibling Bereavement with Dr Laura Towers

The death of a sibling impacts upon every aspect of a young person’s life. Understanding how to effectively support surviving siblings is essential for all parents, carers and educators and evidence-based approaches are key. In this webinar, expert sociologist, Dr Laura Towers, will share what we know about the impact of sibling loss and ways to support those affected.

Supporting Your Child Through the Death of a Pet

Dealing with the death of a beloved pet is difficult for both adults and children. Pets are integral to the lives of many families and the impact of losing one can be felt for a long time. If you have recently lost a family pet, or have a pet that is very ill, here’s our evidence-based advice on how best to support your children.