Tooled Up Education

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Rory Devine: Interacting with Children in the Early Years

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with developmental psychologist, Dr Rory Devine. They focus on what we know about how young children develop control over their own thoughts and actions (their ‘executive functions’), and how they acquire the ability to tune in to the thoughts, feelings, and desires of others (their ‘theory of mind’), and the positive consequences these skills can have on children’s social lives, academic success and mental health. This fascinating interview will arm any parent or educator with simple ways to promote the development of these valuable life skills. Teachers can also learn more about a fantastic free tool to assess children’s school readiness.

Parenting Tots and Toddlers: Helping Under 5s to Thrive

Here are some optimal parenting strategies, tips and ideas to help children under the age of five, thrive. What matters most at this stage of a child’s development? What should we focus on in our parenting? How can we future-proof their children emotionally and invest in their learning potential? Find out, here.