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Supporting Students Studying Macbeth

We’ve worked with English teacher and GCSE examiner Patrick Cragg to create this guide. It’s designed for parents, or anyone supporting a student through their GCSE in English literature. It provides a framework for discussing the play together, which will in turn help to develop your child’s knowledge. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to use the guide within the resource.

Stretch and Challenge – Exploring Motifs in Macbeth

In this short webinar, English teacher and examiner, Patrick Cragg talks students through three key motifs from core GCSE text, Macbeth. He explores the themes of blood, night and time, helping young people to increase and consolidate their knowledge of the play as a whole and nudging them to write about Shakespeare’s technique in a more sophisticated way.

Stretch and Challenge – Writing a Good Introduction

In this short webinar, English teacher and examiner Patrick Cragg talks GCSE students through what makes an excellent introduction when writing an essay or answering an exam question. Whilst his advice focuses on the Shakespeare paper, it’s equally applicable to other subject areas.

Understanding the Shakespeare GCSE Exam: Advice for Parents

This webinar, with English teacher and GCSE examiner Patrick Cragg, explains what GCSE students are expected to write in the Shakespeare section of their exam and provides parents with some effective strategies for supporting young people during the revision period.

Key Lessons from English Literature Exams

In this webinar, English teacher and GCSE examiner, Patrick Cragg, talks English teachers through the key things that examiners look for when marking GCSE papers, focusing on insights that he’s gained from his extensive experience.