Tooled Up Education

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Verity Jones: Climate Change Education, ‘Eco-Anxiety’ and Fast Fashion

Have you ever considered the impact of the climate crisis on young people or really asked how they feel about the constant barrage of bad news that faces them? In this interview, Dr Weston chats with Dr Verity Jones about sustainable futures and education. They talk through optimal ways to discuss issues around climate change with children and young people and outline the things that young people would find helpful. They also discuss the global impact of fast fashion and how our intimate relationship with clothes can be a great way to open up conversations about issues of sustainability. Dr Jones references a vast number of fantastic resources which teaching staff and parents will find useful.

The Impact of the Learning Environment on Children’s Learning, Stress and Behaviour

Join researcher Gemma Goldenberg in this webinar, which explores the impact of the environment on children’s learning. Valuable to all school staff, Gemma outlines the research evidence on the impact of noise and visual clutter on children’s learning as well as the apparent positive effects of exposure to nature. The webinar ends with some top tips for classroom practice. These are easy to apply and might have significant benefits for some children.

Apps to Help Children Engage with Nature

We put together a list of brilliant apps and websites that combine on- and offscreen activities to engage children with nature. These apps are designed for both outdoor adventures and learning and encourage children do everything from creating landscapes, growing vegetables and feeding animals to identifying constellations.

Promoting Wellbeing in Autistic Children Through Nature-Based Learning

In this webinar, Samantha Friedman discusses the benefits of spending time in nature for autistic children’s wellbeing, including lower stress levels, fewer emotional and behavioural problems, and increased empathy for the natural world. She further highlights the importance of access, engagement, and connection with nature and provides information on nature-based learning and the theories underpinning it.