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A Quick Guide to Neurodiversity (and Related Tooled Up Resources)

It is estimated that around 1 in 7 people (more than 15% of people in the UK) are neurodivergent. There are over 120,000 autistic pupils in England’s schools, of which over 70% are educated in mainstream settings. The term neurodiversity means that brain function naturally differs across the human population and that we all have strengths and challenges as individuals, rather than there being a specific norm that people differentiate from. One of our missions at Tooled Up is to contribute towards reducing stigma and creating a safe and accepting world for neurodivergent people. We’ve put together a quick guide, extracting the most important things that parents need to know from current research, focusing on practical things you can do to help your child if they are neurodivergent and letting you know where you can find more advice and information in the Tooled Up library.

OCD and Anxiety in Children: A Parents’ Guide with Dr Anna Conway Morris

Often, OCD and anxiety are linked and it is important for parents to understand the relationship between them, how to help their child manage OCD behaviours, and when to seek appropriate support and clinical help. This webinar recording, featuring child psychiatrist, Dr Anna Conway Morris, will help to shed light on the nature of OCD in children.