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Aporia Poster: Expanding Children’s Emotional Vocabulary

Aporia is a feeling of confusion and perplexity, traditionally experienced through doing philosophy. However, it is a useful term for capturing a host of emotions and experiences that children may go through at school or at home, in their learning. Download our poster and use it at home or in the classroom to help young people name the different emotions they might feel when thinking about complex ideas and expand their emotional vocabulary. Use the space at the bottom to add your own.

Helping Your Child Become a Highly Effective Learner: Tips from the World of Philosophy

We’ve teamed up with The Philosophy Foundation, experts at bringing philosophy to young people. In this resource, we explore the philosophical concept of ‘aporia’; feelings of confusion and perplexity, which many children may go through at school, or at home, in their learning. These are often emotions that get overlooked or are considered to be negative. But aporia is actually an essential experience on the way to insight and understanding, especially with regard to new knowledge. These top tips on how to help children recognise and work through these feelings come straight from those in the know!

How to Ask Questions Effectively: Top Tips for Unlocking Children’s Thinking

Asking children questions and then allowing them to think through a response is a great way to activate their thinking. We’ve teamed up with The Philosophy Foundation to bring you some top tips for asking questions effectively and unlocking young people’s potential. They work just as well whether you are a parent at home or a teacher at school. Give some of these strategies a try and let us know how they go.

Books for Enquiring Minds: Encouraging Children to Think Philosophically

Following our interview with Peter Worley from The Philosophy Foundation, we decided to collaborate on a list of books that can encourage children to think philosophically. It features books about encouraging philosophical thinking for teachers, parents and young people, as well as children’s fiction and poetry with a philosophical flavour.

Dr Weston Talks with Peter Worley: ‘Doing Philosophy’ with Children

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks to Peter Worley about how to cultivate philosophical enquiry in children. They discuss what philosophy is, what sort of questions will get our children thinking philosophically and what the benefits are, both at home and at school. Peter, who is CEO of The Philosophy Foundation, outlines his own dialectical method for teaching children philosophy in the classroom.