Tooled Up Education

Raising a Resilient Teen with Dr Kathy Weston

Join Dr Weston for this dynamic webinar packed full of the best evidence-based ideas for boosting your brilliant tween or teen’s emotional, academic or digital resilience.

My School Trip

For many children, going away on a school trip is a really exciting experience. For others, it can be a big source of anxiety. This activity encourages children to consider what they are looking forward to and also anything that’s making them feel a bit wobbly, and provides an opportunity for parents and school staff to work with them and come up with a plan of what might make them feel better about it.

Talking to Children About the Difference Between Secrets and Surprises

Whilst it might not sound that big an issue, there are crucial distinctions between the concepts of secrets and surprises. Nudging children to understand and recognise these differences is an important way to help keep them safe and maintain their wellbeing. Having open conversations about this at home (the exact opposite of secrecy) and being mindful of the language that we use ourselves is a good place to start.

Understanding Adoption: Perspectives of the Adoptee, Parent & Professional & Actionable Tips for Educational Settings with Alison Roy

Author of ‘A for Adoption’ and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Alison Roy, joins us to explore the impact of adoption on an adoptee – child or young person, and how their traumatic histories can affect their relationships in different settings. This webinar provides a fuller understanding about the challenges facing adopted children and their families, and the professionals who support them. Alison highlights the importance of relationships and relationship-based interventions as a means of making sense of these experiences and creating educational environments where adopted young people can thrive.

How to Raise a Resilient Child: Webinar with Dr Weston

Everything you could possibly need to know about resilience packed into one talk. Dr Weston looks at factors that contribute to family resilience and practical steps that parents can take to help children become emotionally resilient. She discusses the relationship between resilience and academic achievement and touches upon the issue of digital resilience. She also focuses on how to build positive self-esteem and giving your child the tools they need to cope with failure.

Resilience and Deafness with Dr Joy Rosenberg

In this webinar, Dr Weston is joined by Dr Joy Rosenberg, to talk about effective strategies for building resilience in children who are deaf. They discuss the intersection of mainstream resilience literature with deafness and outline crucial protective factors in building resilience. These include the development of self-esteem and identity, access to language, communication and information, and supportive networks.

The 10 Rs of Resilience

This video breaks down the 10 main components of resilience, and gives you easy suggestions for boosting it. Hopefully, you will recognise some of the tips as things that you already do, as well as learn some new ideas that you can work on.