Tooled Up Education

Going to University in the USA

Phil Garner, the founder of USA Study, provides an exciting insight what student life is like in the US, how universities select students and how they provide a very holistic education. He also gives top tips for financial support.

Q&A with Laura Merrifield, England Women’s Lacrosse Captain

Anyone interested in sport, lacrosse or general brilliance should take a peek at this webinar featuring Laura Merrifield, England Women’s Lacrosse Captain. Watch Laura reflect on her career highlights and provide advice for young athletes who want to enjoy and learn more about Lacrosse. This is a great interview to watch with any sporty children and teens.

Excellence in Sport: Boosting Young Athletes’ Emotional and Physical Resilience

In this video, Dr Weston is joined by Holly Cram, former professional hockey player for Scotland and Great Britain, and founder of Aspire USA. Holly now works with young athletes from across the UK and Europe, helping them to access sport scholarship opportunities in the USA. Holly talks about optimal parenting strategies when nurturing young athletes, how to build resilience and tells us a bit about what getting a scholarship to the USA is really like!