Tooled Up Education

PTSD: What is it and how might it affect families?

In this webinar, Dr Hope Christie explains what trauma is, how posttraumatic stress disorder may develop following a trauma, and what impact trauma symptoms may have on children, adolescents, and adults. Dr Christie outlines how these symptoms may impact behaviour and emotions, and how parents can help support their child and themselves. This webinar is of interest to parents who would like to learn more about trauma and the impact it can have on the individual and their family.

Stress Management for Busy Parents: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Join Dr Kathy Weston to discuss stress management, aimed at parents who might be juggling a host of work, family or caring commitments. In this webinar, Dr Weston will talk about the aetiology of stress, evidence-based ideas for managing stress and suggest some advice and tips you can use in your own daily activities.

The Impact of the Learning Environment on Children’s Learning, Stress and Behaviour

Join researcher Gemma Goldenberg in this webinar, which explores the impact of the environment on children’s learning. Valuable to all school staff, Gemma outlines the research evidence on the impact of noise and visual clutter on children’s learning as well as the apparent positive effects of exposure to nature. The webinar ends with some top tips for classroom practice. These are easy to apply and might have significant benefits for some children.

Stress Less: Understanding and Addressing Your Anxiety Triggers

Whilst this might feel easier said than done at the moment, during this critical period in our children’s lives, parental worries and stresses need to be managed as well as possible. We know that anxiety can run in families and that parental mental health is highly correlated with children’s mental health. So, this is definitely the time to think about self-care and prioritise being kind to yourself.

Use our list of potential worry points to identify stress triggers in your life. How do these contexts or scenarios make you feel? Our evaluative tool will help you to narrow down the key areas in your life where your levels of stress are high.

Things I Can/Can’t Control

We all need to cultivate mental toughness and one way of doing that is by focusing on the things we can control versus the things we can’t. Have a chat with your child about the controllables versus the uncontrollables. Try to evaluate how they feel after filling it in. Slightly better?