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Our founder and Head of Research, Dr Kathy Weston holds a Masters and Doctorate in Social Science (Criminology) from the University of Cambridge and worked for many years as a policy researcher and research fellow in education. She is the co-author of two books on  “Engaging Parents” (Bloomsbury, 2018; 2020) and a sought-after keynote speaker.

Kathy works with a team of qualitative researchers and collaborates with eminent mental health and other professionals to source, curate and develop resource information that can empower parents, carers or those who work with children. 

“Combining my passion for parenting with my extensive academic expertise, I am committed to giving parents the practical tools they need to help their children flourish. I firmly believe in an evidence-based approach to parenting.

This way, you get the very best information and can have confidence in the tips you apply at home. Our children have significant challenges to overcome as they strive to reach their potential. My aim is to empower you, so that the parenting journey becomes easier and more rewarding.”

Our Founder: Dr Kathy Weston
Speaker | Author | Researcher | Founder of Tooled Up Education

Our Mission

To give every parent and teacher the tools they need to develop children
into young adults who are:

Self-confident, self-sufficient and full of self-worth

Curious about the world and passionate about learning

Digitally skilled and digitally resilient

Our Fundamental beliefs:
What we help deliver:
How we do this:

We work with the world’s leading researchers, translating research evidence into actionable tips that:

Are We Effective?

What schools say
Berkhamsted School
“Tooled Up is 'in the water' here from the Pre-Prep to the Sixth form. It has a great impact through our work with parents, pupils, and our CPD for staff.”

Deputy Head Pupil Wellbeing, 2022
Francis Holland School
"It is no exaggeration to say that Dr Weston’s input into our pastoral programme has been transformational. Her presentation to more than two hundred staff was the most inspirational – and practical – training we have received on how to support adolescents through the changes of the teenage years."

Headmistress, March 2022
Eton College
"Expert and engaging, Kathy gives rich, evidence-based guidance. You will come away inspired and empowered."

Dr Johnny Noakes
Sarum Hall School
"Kathy’s talk was engaging, interesting and highly informative throughout. She balanced factual information with personal advice and practical tips to ensure that the talk was relevant and accessible from the outset."

Head Teacher, September 202l
Davenies School
"Just to say you are amazing at what you do.. really really informative and helpful to parents and can’t recommend tooled up highly enough!"

Teacher, Davenies School
Highgate School
"I just wanted to say that it was great to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for giving such an impressive and insightful talk. We have had lots of positive comments today about it. You struck just the right tone, and I know that the advice will have been invaluable to so many of our parents. It’s such a vital and important message and we are very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and insights."

Teacher comment following a parent talk, June 2021
Stopsley Community Primary School
"Thought provoking, deeply engaging and totally relevant to every aspect of my work. Thanks so much for your passion and drive."

Teacher, January 2020
The Prince’s Teaching Institute
"Thank you for lifting my spirits this morning. You have certainly provided me with an opportunity to fashion my whirlwind of thoughts and feelings about priorities for our school community into some semblance of order!"

Staff, March 2021
Alleyn’s School
"You were utterly fantastic today - a brilliant start to term in framing our aims as educators. I am in absolute awe of how convincing you are and how directly you speak. Thank goodness you are working in looking after our young people. Thank you so much and I really look forward to hearing you speak to parents as well. Very, very best wishes."

Staff CPD session, 19 April 2021
Beechwood Park School

"Tooled Up Education has been fantastic. Kathy's work has had a really massive effect on our parents and also our staff."

Edward Balfour, Headmaster
Ashlyns School

"Tooled Up Education has such a wide range of resources and we've been able to send these out to lots of different parents for lot of different reasons. The resources are really easy to read and implement and parents have said they are really helpful."

Teacher, Ashlyns School
Harrow School
"Incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. I was left full of optimism and armed with new strategies."

Staff CPD session, June 2021
South Hill School
"Superb, clear, concise, helpful."

Teacher, January 2020
Buckinghamshire Governors Conference
"Refreshing to listen to such positivity and common sense advice."

School Governor, October 2020
Thomas Coram
"Excellent, extremely helpful. Positive steps to take away and use."

Teachers, January 2020
Maltman's Green Preparatory School and Nursery
"I have been blown away by the level of service and engagement that we have had with Tooled Up"

Deputy Head, June 2022
What parents say
"Practical, relatable advice."

"I feel like I have found what I have been looking for for so long! I am so relieved to get very practical, relatable advice."

Parent, Methody School

"So informative, thought-provoking, practical, awesome!"

Parent, South Hill School
"Absolutely fantastic"

"I thought the talk last night was absolutely fantastic. It really helped us to have a vision and how we can support [Child] to develop his resilience"

Parent, Yarm School
"Lots of food for thought"

"So informative - lots of food for thought as a teacher and a parent of two girls. Thank you"

Parent, Merchant Taylors' School
"Amazing resources"

"Hello, I am a Beechwood Park parent and I've always found your resources to be very helpful and timely, especially for my year 7 son at BWP. Thank you for your amazing resources."

Parent, Beechwood Park School

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am to read your Wednesday Wisdom email. Perfect size for the time I have to engage and reflect and think about the topics you touch on. It helps me to evaluate my parenting and take a step back to look at scenarios that play out.."

Parent, October 2020

"Wednesday Wisdom is like a burning torch in a world of confusion and noise. I can’t do without it!"

Parent, July 2020
You have made a material impact to my daughter's school experience

”Your work has had a huge impact on my daughter and helped me to tap into contacts, resources and training which I still use and which have now become a standard part of my daughters SEND plan at school."

Parent, Maltman’s Green School July 2022
We continue to find using your resources really valuable

”We continue to find using your resources really valuable either as starting points, or to signpost parents to following a meeting, so thank you!"

Parent, Habs Girls Junior, June 2022
The speed - and depth - of your response has been overwhelming

”To say I feel TUE have been responsive is an absolute understatement. The speed - and depth - of your response has been overwhelming."

Parent, Abbot's Hill School, June 2022
Your talk was so engaging and informative

"Your talk was so engaging and informative and it’s great the school are signing up to Tooled Up as I can see just how useful it’s going to be for both parents and teachers. I find myself regularly tapping into the digital library for all sorts of advice - the teenage years certainly bring their challenges!”

Parent, Berkhamsted 6th Form, May 2022
You back up your advice with research data and interviews from prominent researchers

"I find all of your presentations extremely useful, specifically because you back up your advice with research data and interviews from prominent researchers in their respective fields. As parents who values factual information, this makes it easier to pass on to our teenager. ”

Parent, Belfast High School, April 2022
We all love your work and feel so fortunate that you have linked up with NLCS

"Parenting is such a challenge but I do find navigating neurodiversity a real added burden. We all love your work and feel so fortunate that you have linked up with NLCS to help us parents do a better job!”

Parent, NLCS, March 2022
Thank you so much for providing us parents with the opportunity to guide our children

"I am interested in your research and wanted to thank you so much for providing us parents with the opportunity to guide our children in the best possible way."

Parent, St. Catherine’s British School - Athens, March 2022
I found the content so thought provoking, positive and uplifting

"I found the content so thought provoking, positive and uplifting in the way you positioned some challenging areas, thank you so very much. I was able to talk to my daughter straight away about the subject matter as she was wanting to know about it. So nice to confidently step forward on the front foot.”

Parent, Tring School, February 2022
I had been looking for something like this for a while!

”I wanted to send a message to Victoria to say thank you for signing MHS up to Tooled Up Education and for giving the opportunity to parents to access their resources freely. I really enjoyed the webinar yesterday. I like the fact that all the resources are based on academic research and that there are practical tips and short videos for busy parents.”

Parent, The Mulberry House School, February 2022
Kathy was sympathetic, gave me great advice and practical solutions.

”I spoke to Kathy about my children’s sibling rivalry and my daughter’s sleep disorder. Kathy also directed me to a couple of podcasts that focused on these issues and recommended a sleep consultant. I regularly look to Tooled Up for help on specific issues and find the weekly motivation / insights very helpful.”

Parent, Haberdasher’s School for Girls, January 2022
I am truly amazed at the depth and value of the information provided.

”Thank you very much for your time last night introducing Tooled up Education to Maltman’s Green community. I was thrilled to hear what you shared and having scrolled through the website today, I am truly amazed at the depth and value of the information provided. This is such an incredible resource for us to parent our girls. I am looking forward to using it!"

Parent, Maltman’s Green School, June 2021
You are continually exceeding my already high expectations

”I just wanted to say how impressed I am with not only the lectures themselves and the Tooled Up resources, but the fact that once again [the school] provided the absolute best for the boys and parents and really looking after them in such a holistic way. You are continually exceeding my already high expectations and we are privileged to be part of the school.”

Parent, Lochinver House School, May 2021
It really is a fantastic resource

”Kathy’s research, like her talks, is presented in an accessible manner with tangible action points/take outs, providing you with the opportunity to just take a high-level view of research into an issue/problem, but with plenty of additional resources available to support it if you want to take a deep dive.”

Parent, The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, May 2021
I think it's great that the school is supporting the parents and staff

”With my child Tooled Up has been great so far. We have just completed the family values activity and it was insightful but also great fun. My older daughter is at another school and recently had a separate issue. Tooled Up and Kathy have been great in supporting us with this.”

Parent, The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, May 2021
It provided me with insights as the adult into touch points which for him are significant issues

”I specifically liked the fact that it was not me (mum) asking annoying questions to probe his emotions, it was a tick sheet which allowed him to feel that he was almost doing a quiz at school. Many of them were things I would never have thought to ask him about. ”

Parent, The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, May 2021
I would fully recommend your expertise to all post primary schools and parents

”Thankyou Dr Weston and Belfast High School for giving us the tools to build on our already healthy family relationships and support our Teenager in partnership with their school and allowing us the access to the most valuable resources on your website when we should need clarification or assistance for the protection of our family and our child’s future development.”

Parent, Belfast High School, April 2021
Lots of information to work on and we look forward to using the tool box

”Just a note to say thank you very much for your webinar on Wednesday night 21/04/21. It was very good, well put together, lots of information to work on and we look forward to using the tool box!”

Parent, Belfast High School, April 2021
I was thrilled to hear that my son’s school had signed up for Tooled Up!

”I loved your talk at the school and have really appreciated your Wednesday Wisdom every week since! Thank you So much! Keep up the great work!”

Parent, Belfast High School, April 2021
A reliable and valuable source of information, which we can always refer to in times of trouble

”Tooled Up Education is indeed a valuable gift to Methody parents and I really wanted the School to know how much I am enjoying it and how grateful I am for it. Thank you”

Parent, Methody School, November 2020
This is a game changer and I can’t believe how many resources there are.

”It was absolutely fantastic and I feel so lucky and grateful that Roundwood has provided this to support parents.”

Parent, Roundwood School, February 2021
I was really impressed with Dr Weston’s talk

”It is great to have one place to go for ideas and support, rather than trawling the internet and trying to curate information myself!”

Parent, Roundwood School, February 2021
I believe this kind of support for students and families is invaluable.

”I thought the talk was excellent and the Tooled Up resources are fantastic."

Parent, Roundwood School, February 2021

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