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The home of evidence-based resources on all aspects of parenting, education and family life

Organisation that are part of our Tooled Up Education community can provide their parents and teachers with access to Dr Weston’s exclusive resources, covering areas such as aspiration, resilience, mental health and behaviour.

As a member of the Tooled Up community you will have access to a whole host of evidence-based resources, which will enable you to support your children or students in a way that makes their lives and educational journeys both easier and more enjoyable. 

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In an ever increasingly busy and demanding world, Wednesday Wisdom provides a reflective 2 minute read every week that readers constantly tell us they look forward to. Full of topical and relatable experiences that help provide reflection, motivation and support in achieving a balanced family life.

Over the years, thousands of people have benefitted from, and continue to enjoy, the parenting and educational talks from Dr Kathy Weston at Tooled Up Education and have subscribed to Wednesday Wisdom. Join now for free to get your own weekly digest of motivating, interesting, and thoughtful parenting advice from Dr Weston herself.

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to read your Wednesday Wisdom email. Perfect size for the time I have to engage and reflect and think about the topics you touch on. It helps me to evaluate my parenting and take a step back to look at scenarios that play out.”

Parent – October 2020

Sibling Influences

A friend of mine recently asked me a question using terms I haven’t heard since I was at school. “Now that you’ve had two children,” she asked, “do you believe in nature or nurture?” It’s a question all parents must ask themselves at least once a week: how do you explain why your children are the way they are? And once a sibling arrives it gets twice as complicated. Because these two children, both made from what you might assume are the same ingredients and raised by the same parents…why are they so different from each other?


Parenting Question of the Month

I have a question about my Year 6 son. He is going to a different secondary school to all of his primary school friends. I am worried about him feeling left out and anxious about not knowing anyone when he gets to his new school. He doesn’t seem worried and is confident socially and in new situations, but I don’t want to assume he is fine when he might not be. Also, his older brother has not had a very positive time at secondary school, resulting in a lot of detentions and a lot of parent meetings so I am concerned he will have picked up on this negativity when he is a very different person. 

Hello! Thanks for your question. When I was reading through it, the thing that stood out first was the description of your son as unconcerned about impending changes and “confident socially”. This is good news indeed and bodes well, although, as you suggest, it is prudent not to assume that he has zero concerns at all about the upcoming school move. 

Researcher of the Month

Dr Sona Kumar, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Human Development and Family Science, Purdue University.

Research Interests

Dr Kumar’s research focuses on children’s STEM motivation in early childhood.

Find Dr Kumar’s research here.

US researcher, Dr Sona Kumar, and her colleagues sought to explore whether there are subtle differences in the messages that preschool educators send girls and boys about STEM. Previous, older research with caregivers found that parents tended to provide more scientific explanations to boys than to girls. Studies have also found that, within classroom settings, boys often receive more attention from teachers on science-related subjects than girls. Dr Kumar predicted that teachers would direct more scientific questions to boys than girls and tested this by observing a preschool setting.

At face value, the data showed that teachers in this preschool asked more fact-based than causal questions and that they directed significantly more scientific questions to boys than to girls. These stark findings surprised Dr Kumar. On further investigation, the researchers found that this might be explained by the fact that boys visited the science area of the classroom more than girls and stayed there for longer, providing more opportunities for teachers to engage boys in scientific conversations than girls. When the researchers took into account the amount of time each child spent in the science or block areas, and looked at the rate of questions asked to boys and girls, the frequency of questions was actually similar. 

Although teachers asked boys and girls questions at similar rates in this classroom, as girls spent less time in the science or block areas, it seems possible that girls may still receive different messages than boys about how to approach science as early as the preschool years. The authors note that it may be important to consider ways to encourage young girls to participate in science activities in the classroom.


To find out more about the implications of Dr Kumar’s research, read our full Researcher of the Month article. Tooled Up subscribers can also tune in to our interview with Dr Kumar and read the accompanying notes.

Tooled Up News

#InspireInclusion: Celebrating International Women’s Day

You are probably already aware that it’s International Women’s Day today. This year’s theme is #InspireInclusion and the event focuses on celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness about discrimination and taking action to drive gender parity. Working as part of a small (but growing) team of fantastic women (and men), these are things that we are passionate about at Tooled Up, and we have plenty of resources for the Tooled Up community which will help to break down stereotypes and recognise the successes of some remarkable women.

Read More


"I thought the talk last night was absolutely fantastic. It really helped us to have a vision and how we can support [Child] to develop his resilience."

Yarm School

"So informative - lots of food for thought as a teacher and a parent of two girls. Thank you."

Merchant Taylor's School

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful Q&A, it was so informative and rich with information. I am certain our parent community will use all these resources!"
    School Welfare Counsellor

St. Catherine's British School

"Expert and engaging, Kathy gives rich, evidence-based guidance. You will come away inspired and empowered"

Dr Johnny Noakes

Eton College

"It is no exaggeration to say that Dr Weston’s input into our pastoral programme has been transformational. Her presentation to more than two hundred staff was the most inspirational – and practical – training we have received on how to support adolescents through the changes of the teenage years."


Francis Holland School

"Kathy’s talk was engaging, interesting and highly informative throughout. She balanced factual information with personal advice and practical tips to ensure that the talk was relevant and accessible from the outset."

Head Teacher

Sarum Hall School

"Just to say you are amazing at what you do.. really really informative and helpful to parents and can’t recommend tooled up highly enough!"


Davenies School

"I just wanted to say that it was great to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for giving such an impressive and insightful talk. We have had lots of positive comments today about it. You struck just the right tone, and I know that the advice will have been invaluable to so many of our parents. It’s such a vital and important message and we are very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and insights."


Highgate School

"I’d like to just say that I found the Tooled Up parent launch talk to be content-rich, super relevant, and exceptionally (I mean, the best I’ve seen) professional in terms of delivery."


Francis Holland School

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