Tooled Up Education


How can I sign up and view the resources?
If your school is a member of the Tooled Up Education community you can sign up from the Login page: by entering your name, email and password. Your school will have communicated their School Pin, which you will also need to enter. You will then gain access and also receive a welcome email with your information as a reminder. If you believe you should have received a welcome email but haven’t, please get in touch via email –

How can I ask my school to join so I can view the resources?
We would love to be recommended to a school or organisation. You can pass on our contact details or they can get in touch with us at

I have a request for a resource. How do I speak to Dr Kathy Weston?
We always love to hear of ideas for new content. Please send over your suggestion to

I have forgotten my password or PIN. Can you help?
If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one on the login page. If you have forgotten your School PIN number, you can refer back to your welcome email or contact

I’m concerned about my child’s mental health or safety. What should I do?
Our resources equip you with tools which can help to build a happy and resilient child, but they are not a replacement for your GP. If you are worried about your child’s mental health or physical wellbeing, please visit your GP as soon as possible for further guidance. If you feel that your child is at risk of harm, you must contact your local support services immediately.

My child has left their school. Can I still access the resources and content?
Unfortunately you will no longer have access once your child has left a Tooled Up Education school. If you would like to recommend us to another school, you can get in touch with the team at

How often are the resources updated?
Resources are regularly updated. If you are a member of the Tooled Up Education community, make sure that you are among the first to hear of new content by signing up to receive our newsletters. You are able to do this within the My Profile page.

Where can I find out about Dr Kathy Weston’s talks?
You can find out more on the Dr Weston’s website –

Can I book Dr Kathy Weston to talk at my school or business?
Yes, visit and contact us if you have any questions.

I have a technical issue with the content, can someone please help?
Of course, please get in touch with the team –