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Have You Ever Wondered What’s on Most Other Parents’ Minds?

Every month, we analyse exactly how many parents are tuning into the Tooled Up site. This is fascinating data and it gives the team a real boost to know that parents are using and benefitting from the Tooled Up tips. Like me, you are probably wondering which resources are most popular? Amazingly, we know that our podcasts have had over 24,000 plays! And the most popular podcast to date has been the one that I did with Natasha Devon MBE on Children’s Mental Health. It is always interesting to know what other people are reading too. The most popular resource to date has been 50 Questions to Encourage Family Chat and the video clip that has been watched the most is Maths Anxiety – Tips for Parents. This is encouraging data to those of us who are absolutely passionate about ensuring families feel supported and are taking evidence-based tips and applying them in their parenting.

It is extremely uplifting to receive emails from parents who have felt the impact of Tooled Up tips in their lives. Last week, one parent commented that in simply moving her child’s bedtime by 30 minutes, she had seen a big improvement in his daytime behaviour. Another parent, of a same-sex couple wrote to me to thank me for interviewing the world-famous, Professor Susan Golombok (Head of the Centre for Family Research at Cambridge); an interview that highlights how children raised in new family forms are doing just as well, than those raised in what be perceived as ‘traditional family forms’. What matters is that children feel loved, are knowledgeable, proud of their family unit and are growing up in a secure, loving and stable home.

As usual, Wednesday Wisdom is proving to be popular! It always feels a bit nerve-wracking to send out that weekly newsletter as it needs to be relevant to over 5000 parents who have subscribed to it. We all have children of different ages, so that makes providing generic parenting advice slightly trickier. However, your comments and feedback about Wednesday Wisdom keep me going. My favourite comment to date has been:

“Weekly Wisdom is like a burning torch in world of confusion and noise, I can’t do without it!