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Hot off the Press! The Results Are In

The Tooled Up team have just returned from the IAPS National Conference in Bournemouth where our founder, Dr Weston, presented a keynote speech on the findings of a staff survey that was jointly commissioned by IAPS and Tooled Up. The survey provided a snapshot of how staff were feeling during a particular period of time back in May (13-31st 2021). Fourteen months into the pandemic, 86 questions explored the following areas:

  • The wellbeing of staff; 
  • Staff perceptions around mental health needs and levels of resilience in pupils;
  • The perceived impact of Covid-19;
  • The perceived gaps in staff knowledge or training.


Over 2000 respondents participated in the survey, which gained national coverage, with the media mainly picking up on the fact that 76% of teachers were worried about pupils’ screentime and 67% about children’s ability to interact with peers after lockdown. Two thirds of survey respondents were worried about children’s mental health, but 39% lacked confidence to discuss these matters with parents.

The survey also explored interesting themes such as teacher self-efficacy, wellbeing, school culture and its impact on mental health outcomes.

The main findings are listed in the executive summary that you can download by clicking here.

The Tooled Up team greatly enjoyed hosting our stand at the exhibition centre and meeting the many headteachers and school staff that came to talk with us. Here is a rare snap of the Tooled Up team!