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Tooled Up Education Joins Forces with ISEB to Champion Pupil Wellbeing in Admissions Tests and Exams

We are really excited to launch the Parent Power Toolkit. This new set of resources that we’ve produced for The Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) is designed to empower parents to support their children’s mental health and wellbeing throughout their admissions test journeys and equip families with the tools needed to help children navigate change.

ISEB was founded in 1903 to produce and deliver the Common Entrance (CE) examinations for leading independent schools in the UK. The organisation has long championed the need for well-rounded, holistic assessment methods that reduce the burden on parents and children. In common with ISEB, we aim to support families to approach admissions tests using revision and preparation methods that support children to feel calm, happy and motivated, and increase understanding around the importance of developing resilience. 

The Parent Power Toolkit includes four packs of premium resources. All are designed to support and empower those parents and guardians helping children to prepare for potentially stressful times of transition (such as admissions tests). These videos, articles and activities give agency to caregivers, giving them the strategies and knowledge to prioritise their child’s mental health and wellbeing, whilst providing practical advice and activities to help children succeed. The resources are easy to integrate into busy family life and are suitable for parents of children aged 10-13. They are available now from

Our founder, Dr Kathy Weston, commented, “No loving parent would ever dream of sending a child on a journey without some skills, strategies and tools for reaching their destination safely and successfully, and Tooled Up Education is proud to collaborate with ISEB to produce wellbeing resources designed for parents and carers who wish to optimally support their children as they navigate the academic journey”.

Julia Martin, Chief Executive of ISEB, added, “Our partnership with Tooled Up is incredibly exciting and represents ISEB’s commitment to supporting children and families throughout their admissions journey, with a focus beyond the exam hall and classroom”.

What’s in the Toolkit?

Part one focuses on laying strong foundations for the admissions journey at home. It helps parents support their children to understand what they are working towards, how to access the support available to them and how to be both proud of their progress and confident about their futures. It provides ideas and solutions for creating a nurturing home environment, which helps children feel calm, happy and motivated, setting them up for success in the most positive and healthy way.

Part two sets a sustainable revision strategy, helping parents and children to approach revision in a sustainable, productive and achievable way.

Part three focuses on approaching test preparation in the right way. It includes videos to share with children about relaxation and how to charge up their bodies and brains in everyday life, supports parents to manage their own anxieties and provide activities and tips to help children feel well prepared for interviews.  

Part four is all about recognising outcomes and looking ahead to the future. It contains tips on celebrating successes, managing potential disappointment and preparing for coming change. 

Parts one and two of the Parent Power Toolkit are available now, with Parts three and four available very soon. If you want to find out more, watch this video

Tooled Up parents can visit our resource library for numerous tips, activities and videos on preparing for assessments, exams, interviews and change.