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The Best Family Friendly Festivals This Summer

We’ve carefully curated a list of family friendly festivals across the UK and mainland Europe that guarantee an unforgettable experience for the whole family. From captivating performances to engaging activities for kids and adults alike, these festivals offer the perfect blend of entertainment, safety, and fun.

Paintings Every Family Should See and Know About

In this webinar, Laurence Hedges, Director of Art at Harrow School, will talk us through some of the ‘must see’ paintings of all time, that perhaps we can add to our viewing ‘bucket lists’ as families. More importantly, he will give us some wonderful ideas and clues as to how we can approach looking at art and, more broadly, how to promote art appreciation in children and young people.

Autism Conference – Watch The Whole Day!

Learn how to support autistic young people in your school with our autism conference, bursting at the seams with positive and practical tips. Over six hours of content included (we have also included each talk as individual videos on our website if you would rather watch them separately).

Dr Christie Talks with Professor Courtenay Norbury: Understanding Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

In this interview, Professor Courtenay Norbury talks with us about developmental language disorder (DLD), which she describes as a ‘chronically understudied’ topic. Find out about early signs and what impact it might have on children and young people’s development. Professor Norbury provides numerous practical strategies for both parents to use at home and teachers to try in the classroom to help children with DLD have as good outcomes as possible.

Dr Christie Talks with Dr Erika Galea: Cultivating Children’s Emotional Regulation Skills

Did you know that the ability to regulate our emotions well is connected to better mental health and wellbeing, academic achievement and stronger and more long lasting personal relationships? In this interview, Dr Erika Galea talks us through the most effective strategies for building the vital skill of emotional regulation which can be used in both the classroom and at home with children and young people of all ages.

Dr Christie Talks with Dr Marina Bazhydai: Probing the Space of the Possible – Children’s Curiosity, Wonder and Creativity

In this interview, we talk with Dr Marina Bazhydai, Director of the Active Learning Lab (ALL) at Lancaster University, about nurturing children’s sense of curiosity, wonder and creativity. We learn about her innovative and fascinating work which investigates active exploration and curiosity in very young children, find out more about the links between creativity and emotional literacy and discover how she is seeking to pinpoint the elusive concept of wonder. This is a great listen if you are keen to learn how to cultivate curiosity and innovative thinking in your child (or the children in your care).

Stress Management for Busy Parents: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Join Dr Kathy Weston to discuss stress management, aimed at parents who might be juggling a host of work, family or caring commitments. In this webinar, Dr Weston will talk about the aetiology of stress, evidence-based ideas for managing stress and suggest some advice and tips you can use in your own daily activities.