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Privacy Policy


This policy relates to your use of our website  It is designed to help you understand how and why we collect, use, and store personal information and the choices and rights you have around the use of your personal data.   If you have any questions, please contact us –

Who we are

This website is operated by Tooled Up Education Limited, Company Number 11537853, registered office address 59 Union Street, Dunstable, England, LU6 1EX.  Tooled Up Education is a provider of evidence based resources and information services for parents and teachers aimed at improving children’s lives and educational journeys.

We collect, use and are responsible for certain personal information about you. When we do so we must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 and we are responsible as ‘controller’ of that personal information for the purposes of those laws.

Our collection and use of your personal information

We collect personal information about you directly from you when you access our website, register an account with us, use a link sent by your child’s school to register for access to premium content,  sign up to our mailing list, contact us, send us feedback or indirectly, such as your browsing activity while on our website (see ‘Cookies’ section below).

We also collect personal information about you from third party services if you link accounts of those services to your Tooled Up Education account. The information we get from those services depends on your settings and their Privacy Policies, so please check what those are before you choose to link any accounts.

The personal information we collect about you depends on the particular activities carried out through our website. This information includes:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Details of any feedback you give us by phone, email, post or via social media
  • Information about the services we provide to you
  • Your account details, such as username, login details
  • We use this personal information to:
  • Create and manage your account with us
  • Verify your identity
  • Provide services to you, including access to premium content that your child’s school may have arranged
  • Customise our website and its content to your particular preferences
  • Notify you of any changes to our website or to our services that may affect you
  • improve our services

This website is not intended for use by children (meaning those aged 13 and under) and we do not knowingly collect or use personal information relating to children.

Our legal reasons for processing your personal information

When we use your personal information we are required to have a legal reason for doing so. There are various different legal reasons on which we may rely, depending on what personal information we process and why. For more information about which one we use to process your personal data in the way we have described use the table below.  First though here is a summary of those legal reasons we rely on most often.

The legal reasons we may rely on include:

  • Consent: where you have given us clear consent for us to process your personal information for a specific purpose
  • Contract: where our use of your personal information is necessary for a contract we have with you, or because you have asked us to take specific steps before entering into a contract
  • Legal obligation: where our use of your personal information is necessary for us to comply with the law (not including contractual obligations)
  • Legitimate interests: where our use of your personal information is necessary for our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party (unless there is a good reason to protect your personal information which overrides our legitimate interests)

For further details on when we collect personal information, what we collect as well as how we use it, please read the following sections:

When information is collected What information we ask for How and why we use your information Legal Reason we rely on for collecting/using your personal data
When you register an account with us. Contact details: your name and email address.

We ask for this:

— to create and manage your account with us
— to communicate with you about your account
— to provide access to certain restricted areas of our website containing premium resource content

We will keep this information until:

— you close your account with us;
— we close your account: – or
— unless on closure of your account you remain on our mailing list and then we will keep the information you have given consent for us to keep for those purposes

Legitimate Interests:
Our legitimate interests are to ensure appropriate access to our website.Ensure appropriate access to paid for content.

Improve our website and service/product offerings.

We have balanced these interests against your rights over your personal information and checked that your rights are not negatively impacted by this use.

When you access services. Contact Details: your name and email address.,

We ask for this:

to provide access to the services to you.
We keep this information for as long as you need to access the services. Note: we regularly check for inactive accounts in line with our website terms and conditions.

When you sign up for our mailing list. Your name and e-mail address.

We use this to send you newsletters, information about our products and services, our work and special offers.

We keep this information until you ask us not to.

When you use our website, we collect technical information which may contain some personal information.

IP Address.

Information about the device you used to visit our website.

e-mail address.

The personal information is collected on our servers (log data) from the browser/web app you use to access our website.

It is also collected via small text files known as cookies.

We keep this information for the tie periods set out in our cookies policy.

Legitimate Interest.

Our legitimate interests are to provide our website, to improve your experience in using our website and to improve our website in general.

We have balanced these interests against your rights over your personal information and checked that your rights are not negatively impacted by this use.

In some cases you may have given your consent to the use of cookies – see our cookie policy for more information.

Who we share your personal information with

We will share the information you provide to us with you child’s school, where the services you access have been paid for by your child’s school.  This is to enable the school to confirm and verify that you are a parent of a pupil currently attending that school and to keep lists of users of the premium content up to date.

We will share personal information with law enforcement or other authorities if required by applicable law.

We will not share your personal information with any other third party.

Whether information has to be provided by you, and if so why

Where you wish to have access to areas of our website that contain paid for content, (in some cases that a third party has made payment for you to access such as your child’s school), we require you to provide your name and email address to enable us to grant access to the digital resource library and other premium content.  We will inform you at the point of collecting information from you, which items of information are compulsory to provide.  This is to fulfil a contractual requirement we have either to your school or to you as an individual depending on how access to the paid for content has been set up.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

Whenever you visit a website, certain information gets created and logged automatically. The same is true when you use our website. A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your device (e.g. computer, smartphone or other electronic device) when you use our website. We use cookies on our website. These help us understand how you used our website, recognise your device and store information about your preferences or past actions.

For further information on cookies and similar technologies, when we will request your consent before placing them and how to disable them, please see our Cookie Policy.

Your rights

You have a number of important rights in relation to your personal information that we hold.  You are entitled to use these rights free of charge. In summary, you can:

  • Ask for access to your personal information and to certain other information that this privacy policy is already designed to address
  • Require us to correct any mistakes in your information which we hold
  • Require the erasure of personal information concerning you in certain situations
  • Ask to receive the personal information concerning you which you have provided to us in a portable machine readable format that you can give to third parties
  • Object at any time to processing of personal information concerning you for direct marketing and ask us to stop using your personal information in this way
  • Object to decisions being taken by automated means which produce legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affect you
  • Object in certain other situations to our continued processing of your personal information
  • Otherwise restrict our processing of your personal information in certain circumstances

For further information on each of those rights, including the circumstances in which they apply, see the Guidance from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on individuals rights under the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you would like to use any of your rights, please:

  • email, call or write to us, tel:07743367587 59 Union Street, Dunstable, England, LU6 1EX.
  • let us have enough information to identify you for example your user name/registration details or other identifier
  • let us have proof of your identity and address (a copy of your driving licence or passport and a recent utility or credit card bill), and
  • let us know the information to which your request relates

How we store your information

We take the security of your personal information seriously.

We have appropriate security measures in place to prevent personal information from being accidentally lost, or used or accessed in an unauthorised way. We limit access to your personal information to those who have a genuine business need to know it. Those processing your information will do so only in an authorised manner and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

We also have procedures in place to deal with any suspected data security breach. We will notify you and any applicable regulator of a suspected data security breach where we are legally required to do so.

How long we keep your information

We keep your information only so long as we need it to provide services to you. When we no longer need to use your information and there is no need for us to keep it to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, we’ll either remove it from our systems or depersonalise it so that we can’t identify you.  See section above for specific time periods for certain information.

How to make a complaint

We hope that we can resolve any query or concern you raise about our use of your information and if you do you have a complaint regarding any aspect of your personal data or this Privacy Policy, please write to Dr Kathy Weston at 59 Union Street, Dunstable, England, LU6 1EX.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you are entitled to loge a complaint directly with the Information Commissioner’s office who may be contacted at or telephone: 0303 123 1113.

Changes to this website privacy policy

We aim to meet high standards so our policies are reviewed regularly.

This website privacy policy was published and last updated August 2020.

From time to time we may need to make a change to this policy and if we do we will notify you on the main page of the website.