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‘Guidance for Educational Settings Following a Suicide or Sudden Death’ – Available Now

Our important new resource, co-written with suicide prevention charity, The OLLIE Foundation, is available for free download now on the Tooled Up website homepage. To find out more, watch our short video, where Tooled Up Founder, Dr Kathy Weston, chats to CEO of The OLLIE Foundation, Debi Roberts, about why this guidance is so necessary.

Guidance for Educational Settings Following a Suicide or Sudden Death is a comprehensive document that will support leadership teams to create policies and procedures for their setting and is a practical tool to refer to in the event of a crisis. Written to provide leadership teams in schools and other educational settings with the detailed information needed to coordinate an appropriate, helpful and safe response following the tragic event of a suicide or sudden death in their community, it can also be used to plan and inform a clear suicide response strategy, just in case it ever happens. 

Providing guidance, exemplar materials, and important considerations for every stage of the response process, including how to navigate that initial conversation with a bereaved family, informing the rest of the school community, what to expect from an inquest, and how to manage memorials sensitively and safely, this document will support staff to look after themselves and their community. It also shares the actions that should be taken to reduce the risk of suicide contagion, and how to identify and respond to a suicide cluster within the community.

We understand that the likelihood of a suicide within your setting may seem small and distant. We also know that this is not a document that anyone wants to read or need. However, we hope that you’ll consider the advice within it and think about putting a plan in place, so that in the emotional aftermath of a sudden loss, you’ll know what to do. 

*Please note that the content in this guide is intended for readers aged 18 and over.*

Download the guidance now. If you have any questions, please email