Tooled Up Education

Misogyny and Sexism: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Following increased media and government attention around several high-profile murders of women and violence against women and girls (VAWG), in the UK, ‘misogyny’ is a term that has recently gained prominence. Misogyny is not a new phenomenon, but there is significant misunderstanding about what it is, and this negatively impacts attempts to tackle it. Understanding and defining what misogyny and sexism actually mean is crucial to dismantling them and achieving gender equality. In this webinar, we explain clearly what the terms mean and what they ‘look like’ in real life. We also give parents and educators tools for recognising and tackling them at home and school.

Bridging the Gap: What Scientists Know and What Parents Practise in Children’s Early Reading Development

Join us for an enlightening discussion about the disconnect between scientific research and parent practices when it comes to children’s early literacy development. Dialogic reading and other evidence-based literacy practices have been widely acclaimed by experts for nearly 30 years, yet many parents are still not implementing these methods at home. We’ll dive into the literary landscape of children’s early literacy development and the crucial role of sensitive parenting during parent-child reading. Through the perspectives of 21 British parents from diverse backgrounds, we’ll explore their views on the best ways to teach children to read. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the gap between research and practice in early literacy and learn how parents, teachers, and scientists can bridge it together.

Helping Children Who Feel Anxious about Fire: A Webinar with Joanna Foster

Joanna Foster is a leading specialist in the field of child-set fires, working with hundreds of London’s most vulnerable children and families. In this webinar, she talks us through how to manage children’s anxiety around fire and how to create a healthy relationship with it. She outlines useful anxiety-reducing strategies and provides some simple and effective ways of building children’s confidence and self-efficacy around fire safety. We’ve included her top tips as written notes for you to read if you are short of time.

York House School and the RULER Approach

Our emotions drive our social, personal and academic abilities. York House School uses a whole school programme called RULER to support and teach mental health and wellbeing. RULER was created by The Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence and is supported by extensive research in the USA and Australia. Through the use of RULER, the pupils and adults at York House use the power of emotions to create a more effective and compassionate school community. In this online talk, Simon Pettit tells us how York House has rolled out the RULER over the past five years, embedding social and emotional learning from the EYFS through to the Prep School.

Practical Strategies for Parents in Supporting Children with Dyslexia

Sometimes, supporting a child with dyslexia can feel confusing. You might feel unsure about what to do or how to approach things for the best. In this webinar, we consult Sarah Cox and Kate King, two practitioners who are adept at working on a 1:1 basis with children, and who can provide both inspiration and ideas for busy parents.

Developing an Understanding of Disability and Self-advocacy Skills for Children and Young People

In this webinar, we talk to educational psychologist and PhD researcher, Miranda Eodanable, about the importance of self-advocacy when it comes to empowering children and young people living with a disability, from childhood into adulthood. Miranda will share research about how children and young people form their identity in relation to their disability, and will also propose how to develop their knowledge and self-advocacy skills. This webinar will inform and inspire parents, carers and educators who support young people.

The Incel Ideology, Online Extremist Ecosystems, and Their Impact on Young People: What School Staff Need to Know

This webinar explores the nature of how young people engage with incel and other extremist content online in Britain today. Dr Lewys Brace explains ‘where we are’ with this kind of ideology and the extent to which children and young people are engaging with it. He discusses the sites and online spaces that young people are inhabiting, explains the worldview and language used by these online communities and highlights any known red flags.

The Boat Race and Elite Rowing

We talk to two superstars of the rowing world in this lively and motivating discussion. Both James Ball and ​Caoimhe Dempsey managed to secure wins at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race and here they reflect on their learning, their resilience and what it takes to become who you dream of being in sport.

Q&A with Rugby Great, Floyd Steadman OBE

Rugby correspondent Gavin Mairs interviews trailblazing player and ex-headteacher, Floyd Steadman OBE. Floyd will talk about his astonishing story, from being a child of the Windrush generation, to playing for and captaining Saracens rugby club – one of only 14 players to be inducted into their Hall of Fame. He also pursued a fantastic career in education and has been the Headteacher of three independent prep schools in his time.