Tooled Up Education

100 Sports for Children and Teens to Try

Inspired by the brilliance on display at the Olympics and Paralympics, we’ve put together a list of 100 sports that your children (and you!) could try, along with details of where to find out more. Whether or not you are a family of sports lovers, there is something here for everyone and the vast majority of the sports included have options for children and adults with disabilities. You’ll find both team sports and individual pursuits, activities for water babies and for those who like to keep their feet on solid ground and ideas for thrill seekers, along with some more gentle and calming exercise options.

The Normalisation of Mistakes in Family Life (and Why it Matters)

Normalising mistakes in family life is crucial in building children’s resilience and giving them the confidence to give things a go, even when they might not get them right the first time. After all, the greatest innovators and inventors in the world made countless mistakes on the road to creating something magnificent. Find out why it’s so important to ensure that, in your household, mistakes are seen as a normal part of learning, innovation and effort.

My Wellbeing Journal

We have designed this journal for your teens to fill in over a 14 day period. It aims to encourage them to reflect on their experiences and achievements and build resilience. It provides prompts that can help them to develop and maintain a positive mindset and improve wellbeing.

20 Scientific Questions to Discuss with Curious Teens Around the Dinner Table

Dinnertime is the perfect opportunity to spark interesting family conversations. Here are 20 scientific topics to discuss with teenagers around the table (or anywhere else you choose). Use the question prompts to get them thinking. Factual answers are provided, but quite a few of the questions have no right or wrong response and will simply encourage a stimulating debate.

They Love Me, They Love Me Not

This resource will help parents to open up conversations with their tweens and teens about healthy versus unhealthy relationships. Cut the statements out and pop them in a bowl. Use each prompt to initiate chats about relationships; exploring views, sharing personal experiences and encouraging rich family discussion. It might be you only make it through one or two points (there is plenty of food for thought!).

Promoting Positive Body Image: 10 Tips for Parents

Help your children to appreciate and accept their bodies by promoting positive body image. Learn why this is such an important issue, and what you can do to cultivate happy, healthy young people.

Body Gratitude

Positive body image is critical to good mental health and wellbeing. Use this resource to open up conversations with your teens and tweens about the things they love about their bodies and the amazing skills that our bodies enable us to do.