Tooled Up Education

Supporting Your Child’s Move to Pre-Prep: 10 Tips for Parents and Carers

Your child is at the start of a magnificent educational journey. Loving parents would never dream of sending a child on a trip without the right equipment, tools, strategies or mindset to enable them to navigate successfully and arrive at their destination safely. These ‘Tooled Up’ tips for the journey ahead should help parents and carers to support their child in optimal ways. Transition into any setting requires a little bit of parental support and care. We hope that you find these ideas useful.

Respecting Other People’s Body Boundaries

Teaching children about respecting other people’s body boundaries is just as important as teaching them about their own. This resource is a gentle way to introduce young children to issues around consent and will encourage them to think about how they can tell when someone else does not want to be touched.

Body Boundaries: OK or NO WAY? (Classroom Version)

It is important to teach children about body boundaries at an early age. We want them to realise that they control their own body and that everyone has a right to their own personal space. It’s sensible to talk about contexts where it might be appropriate for someone else to touch them, such as at appointments with the dentist, doctor or hairdressers, as well as situations where being touched is not appropriate. They should know that it is ok to say no, even to people who they love and care about. The school version of our OK or NO WAY quiz is a great way to introduce these concepts to lessons.

My Family Tree

Finding out about our family tree is not simply an interesting experience. Research shows that a knowledge of family stories and history is actually significantly correlated with higher self-esteem, better family-functioning and lower levels of anxiety in children. Exploring your family tree will ignite fascinating chats about a whole raft of social issues as well as prompt conversations about family traits, characteristics and occupations. Work with your child/children to put together your family tree, learning and talking about your ancestors as you go.

30 Things You Might Say to Teachers at Parents’ Evening

We don’t often get a chance to chat to our children’s teachers about their progress, attitude and work, so we need to make the most of parents’ evenings. Preparing some questions in advance can help you to focus on the things you really want to know, in the limited time available. This list of questions should give you plenty of ideas to consider.

50 Ways to Help Your Son Achieve at School

Parents play a powerful role in helping children thrive at school. This resource helps parents understand areas where they can make a difference. Every tip is evidence-based and easy to apply.

Making Friends

Moving to a new school and forming new friendships can feel challenging and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Encouraging your child to have a few questions up their sleeve, to ask their classmates, will give them a simple strategy for establishing these important new connections. See if they can come up with their own, but use ours as a starting point.