Tooled Up Education

Don’t Panic: Regaining Control if Sexting Goes Wrong

Whilst we want our teens to make informed and careful decisions about sexting, we also need to recognise that some young people will send sexts and that sometimes things can go wrong. If your teen has sent an intimate photo or video and now wishes they hadn’t, this guide can help them through the next steps to regain some control and support their wellbeing.

My Safety Plan: A Coping Template for Young People Who Self-Harm

When we feel down, we can sometimes forget who we can turn to, message or call up for help. We can also forget about the things that we can do which will help us to feel better. If your child struggles with self-harm, it’s really important that they have coping strategies that help them and people around who they can talk to when they need cheering up. Encourage your child to fill out this handy plan, keep it safe, and to use it if they feel like they might be considering harming themselves.