Tooled Up Education

75 Goals For Primary Age Children to Strive For at Home

Here are some suggested goals for younger children to aim for. Parents, please make sure you are happy with the list before giving it to your children. Amend as necessary. Don’t forget to praise them for trying anything new!

50 Things to Ask Your Grandparents on a Video Call

Over recent months, we have all got more used to interacting online. Now is a great time to encourage your children to interact more with older family members. We suggest that children are encouraged to interview them and record the chats for posterity (with permission of course!). This resource provides a few question starters to choose from.

45 Things for Teens to Aim for at Home

We may have less time now that things are starting to return to some level of normality, but having personal goals is a great idea for all of us. Here are some ideas that teens can start to tick off. Enjoy!