Tooled Up Education

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Peter Clough: Mental Toughness

In this podcast, Dr Weston speaks to Professor Peter Clough about mental toughness, especially in children and young people. They explore the importance of understanding how different children will have different levels of mental toughness and will therefore need different types of support and challenge.

Body Gratitude

Positive body image is critical to good mental health and wellbeing. Use this resource to open up conversations with your teens and tweens about the things they love about their bodies and the amazing skills that our bodies enable us to do.

Dr Weston on BBC Radio 4 with Mariella Frostup: Generation Anxious

Recently, Dr Weston was invited as part of a panel to join Mariella Frostup for a discussion about childhood anxiety. There are also interesting contributions from Jane Caro, Head of the Mental Health Foundation, Rob Gill, author of Rethinking Childhood and Professor Tamsin Ford, Professor of Psychiatry. Lots of food for thought for us all!

CV for Primary Age Children

Creating a CV which celebrates their achievements and skills can provide a big boost to young people’s self-esteem. Encourage your primary aged children to feel proud of all that they are capable of with our ‘practice’ CV.

Puberty: General Advice for Parenting Girls

Puberty is a time of change for children and also for parents, who may be at a loss working out how to support their child. Here are a few evidence-based tips for ‘getting it right’.

50 Things Parents Can Do to Boost Resilience in Teens

This resource provides a quick overview for parents of some of the most important features of resilience and provides easy ideas for boosting it. Hopefully parents will realise that they already do things in their parenting to support their child’s resilience but there may also be one or two things to work on!