Tooled Up Education

Times Tables Tips to Help Your Child

If the process of learning times tables is fun, children are more likely to engage, memorise and learn. There are lots of tips in this resource to think about.

Moving from Nursery to Primary School: Tips for Getting Ready

When little children take big steps, it can be a time of anxiety for the whole family. In this video, we make sure that parents understand the key things to focus on when helping your child become “school-ready”. Hopefully, after watching, you will feel empowered, more confident and better able to support your little one.

5 Tips for Helping Your Child with Spelling Tests

When spellings come home from school, parents are expected to help their children learn them. What is the best way to do this? How can we make it both fun and effective? This video contains useful tips that parents may find useful.

Reading to Your Child

One of the major ways that parents can help their children thrive academically at school is to read to them, listen to them read and give them access to books. This video explains how important these activities are and how you can really help.