Tooled Up Education

Family Maths

Parents can really boost a child’s learning if they engage in fun, innovative learning games at home, in family life.

Maths Anxiety

In this video, parents are introduced to the idea of “maths anxiety”. If we have negative feelings towards maths, it can easily affect our children and their confidence level. By being conscious of this concept, we are better able to take the first steps in not passing on our own worries about numbers!

Helping Your Child with Reading Comprehension

All of our children will have to undertake English comprehension tasks, the whole way through school. How can we ensure that they thrive in this area? What can we do at home to boost their comprehension skills? These quick tips can make a big difference.

5 Tips for Helping Your Child with Spelling Tests

When spellings come home from school, parents are expected to help their children learn them. What is the best way to do this? How can we make it both fun and effective? This video contains useful tips that parents may find useful.

50 Ways to Help Your Son Achieve at School

Parents play a powerful role in helping children thrive at school. This resource helps parents understand areas where they can make a difference. Every tip is evidence-based and easy to apply.