Tooled Up Education

Body Gratitude

Positive body image is critical to good mental health and wellbeing. Use this resource to open up conversations with your teens and tweens about the things they love about their bodies and the amazing skills that our bodies enable us to do.

How Resilient am I?

It’s good to remember who is there for us and how resilient we are. Encourage your child to fill in this worksheet and help them to recognise their skills, abilities and support network.

Who is There for Me?

Sometimes, we need to talk to someone. It might be we are feeling a little bit down, need cheering up or really need to get something off our chest. Sometimes, when we are feeling like that, we forget who we can turn to, call up, or email. Sometimes, we just need to keep a list handy of the people who we know are always happy to listen.

Mindset Planner

Get your teen into the right mindset for learning with this printable A4 planner, which will nudge them towards a positive mental attitude and hopefully towards success!

Back to School Checklist

Tired of nagging your children in the morning? Our handy list can help children to practise their organisational skills.

50 Things to Ask Your Grandparents on a Video Call

Over recent months, we have all got more used to interacting online. Now is a great time to encourage your children to interact more with older family members. We suggest that children are encouraged to interview them and record the chats for posterity (with permission of course!). This resource provides a few question starters to choose from.

75 Goals For Primary Age Children to Strive For at Home

Here are some suggested goals for younger children to aim for. Parents, please make sure you are happy with the list before giving it to your children. Amend as necessary. Don’t forget to praise them for trying anything new!

CV for Primary Age Children

Creating a CV which celebrates their achievements and skills can provide a big boost to young people’s self-esteem. Encourage your primary aged children to feel proud of all that they are capable of with our ‘practice’ CV.

Making Friends

Moving to a new school and forming new friendships can feel challenging and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Encouraging your child to have a few questions up their sleeve, to ask their classmates, will give them a simple strategy for establishing these important new connections. See if they can come up with their own, but use ours as a starting point.