Tooled Up Education

When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Attend School

When a child is very anxious about going to school, it can feel overwhelming for the whole family. If your child is struggling to attend school, watch this video to get the best evidence-based advice on how to co-create an action plan with your child, to overcome these wobbles. During the clip, Dr Weston also discusses which Tooled Up resources can help young people to make small steps towards getting back to school every day.

Family Anxiety Manifesto

This manifesto nudges families towards a resilient mindset and helps shape an approach to anxiety that is constructive and positive. We are simply providing some inspiration here, motivated by the research evidence. Please use this resource as a springboard for family chats and perhaps for co-creating your very own manifesto.

Wobble Worksheet: Managing Anxiety

Take each of your wobbles and use our Wobble Worksheet to work out what your fears are, who can help, and what small steps you can take to feel better.

Positive Phrases to Use when Parenting an Anxious Teen

How we talk to our teens is important in shaping their responses to everyday challenges and tricky situations. Try using these phrases to encourage your teen to work through experiences they find tough and to think positively.

Dr Weston on BBC Radio 4 with Mariella Frostup: Generation Anxious

Recently, Dr Weston was invited as part of a panel to join Mariella Frostup for a discussion about childhood anxiety. There are also interesting contributions from Jane Caro, Head of the Mental Health Foundation, Rob Gill, author of Rethinking Childhood and Professor Tamsin Ford, Professor of Psychiatry. Lots of food for thought for us all!

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Cathy Creswell: Childhood Anxiety

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks to Professor Cathy Creswell of Oxford University about the latest research findings on childhood anxiety. They discuss the best evidence-based tips and strategies that parents should use to support their children.

Maths Anxiety

In this video, parents are introduced to the idea of “maths anxiety”. If we have negative feelings towards maths, it can easily affect our children and their confidence level. By being conscious of this concept, we are better able to take the first steps in not passing on our own worries about numbers!