Tooled Up Education

Autism Conference Talk: An Educators’ Guide to Autism and Gender Dysphoria

Join Dr Kate Cooper for a deep dive into the intersection of autism and gender dysphoria. Watch this webinar for an understanding of how challenges with communication, dealing with change, and identity can affect an autistic young person experiencing gender dysphoria. There are lots of practical tips for support: how to approach this with kindness and curiosity, and how to empower parents in helping their children.

Dr Christie Talks with Dr Emma Ross from The Well HQ: Talking More Openly About Female Bodies, Women’s Health and Helping Girls Thrive in Sport and Movement

Dr Emma Ross, former Head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport and founder of The Well HQ, talks to us about her new book and all things related to women, girls and sport. We learn about the need to change the language often used to talk to girls about their bodies and give them the confidence to advocate for themselves, how to fuel girls’ bodies adequately to provide them with the energy they need, the importance of well-fitting, comfortable sports bras and kit, the importance of menstrual cycle tracking and how to keep girls up girls’ interest and enjoyment in sport. This wide ranging, practical interview is a must listen for anyone who supports women and girls and anyone who wants to know more about women’s health, fitness and movement.

5 Ways to Tackle Negative Self-Talk

It’s not uncommon to hear children engaging in negative self-talk. Find out our top five things to do should you hear your child being unkind about themselves.

Social Media and Body Image with Professor Tracey Wade

This webinar with Professor Tracey Wade examines the links between social media, low body image and disordered eating behaviours. You’ll find a discussion of eating disorders post-pandemic, learn why cultivating positive body image is so crucial and find out more about where brand new research is showing that social media fits in to the bigger picture.

Researcher of the Month: Professor Charlotte Markey Discusses Boys’ Body Image

Our researcher of the month, Professor Charlotte Markey, talks to Dr Weston about her forthcoming book, ‘Being You: The Body Image Book for Boys’. Due for publication in April, it helps boys to understand and appreciate their bodies as they become young men and to navigate their way through inaccurate health/diet information and unrealistic body ideals portrayed in the media. We caught up with Professor Markey to find out more.

7 Simple Resources to Help Boost Young People’s Body Image

After attending an excellent talk with body image expert, Professor Phillippa Diedrichs, we want to tell you about some of the evidence-based resources that she recommended for parents and teachers to use to boost positive body image in young people. They are all simple to use and free to access. What’s not to like?

Promoting Positive Body Image: 10 Tips for Parents

Help your children to appreciate and accept their bodies by promoting positive body image. Learn why this is such an important issue, and what you can do to cultivate happy, healthy young people.