Tooled Up Education

Supporting Your Child to Step Away From and Challenge Harmful Talk in Their Peer Group

We’ve joined forces with Dr Elly Hanson to bring you some top tips, straight from the evidence-base, on how to help your child challenge harmful talk and bigotry and what they can do to avoid it. It also includes advice on what you can do if you find that your child is engaging in conversations or using language that denigrates various groups of people.

Researcher of the Month: Emre Deniz Discusses Sibling Bullying

Our researcher of the month, PhD student Emre Deniz, talks to Dr Weston about sibling bullying. They discuss how common this phenomenon is, how often it goes unnoticed and what it involves. Learn more about predictive and protective factors, as well as optimal ways that parents can respond to bullying in the home. Emre specialises in sibling relationships for neurodiverse children and he outlines how parents can proactively encourage positive sibling bonds for children with autism.

Dr Weston Talks with Professor William Pickett and Professor Wendy Craig: Social Media Use and Cyberbullying

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Canadian researchers Professor William Pickett and Professor Wendy Craig about their findings linking intense and problematic social media use with cyberbullying, particularly for girls. They discuss the findings of their research and give advice to parents on how to educate children about digital literacy, to lower the risk of being bullied, or bullying, online. They also talk about the impact of COVID-19 on social media habits and sexting.