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Researcher of the Month: Anya Heneghan Discusses the Experiences of Young People Who Have a Sibling with an Eating Disorder

Researcher of the Month, Anya Heneghan talks to us about her work which examines the experiences of siblings when they have a brother or sister with an eating disorder. She talks us through what the existing research shows about how consuming eating disorders can be for siblings and provides numerous tips to help parents support all of their children throughout this very challenging situation.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Amy Harrison: Supporting a Friend with an Eating Disorder

In this interview, clinical psychologist and eating disorder expert, Dr Amy Harrison, talks to us about optimal ways to support a friend who has an eating disorder. She discusses her innovative research into the impact of eating disorders on social functioning and gives us some actionable tips that might be helpful in maintaining and strengthening friendships. She also guides us through some topics of conversation to avoid or reframe.

Resources for Young People Who Are Supporting a Friend with an Eating Disorder

Helping a friend who has an eating disorder can feel daunting and scary. Young people might be unsure what to do, who to tell or what to say. They might feel overwhelmed or even be struggling to look after themselves. With the help of experts Dr Nora Trompeter and Eva Musby, we’ve pulled together five useful resources that might help young people in your family or school, who are supporting a friend with an eating disorder.

Supporting Siblings When Their Brother or Sister Has an Eating Disorder

Join Dr Kathy Weston and consultant clinical psychologist, Dr Sophie Nesbitt, for a discussion of the best ways to support the siblings of young people with eating disorders. The family-based nature of most eating disorder treatment approaches means that siblings are likely to be highly impacted when their brother or sister has an eating disorder. Dr Nesbitt shares advice on how to approach conversations with siblings, how to support them through worries and wobbles and how to consider responding to tricky questions.

Parent Observation Diary for Disordered Eating: Notes to Take to GP Appointment

If you are concerned about your child’s eating habits, or that they may have an eating disorder, an appointment with your GP is a crucial first step in getting help. It’s always a good idea to attend this appointment with some clear examples of the behaviours that are concerning you. To help prepare, use this template in advance of a consultation, so that you have some key information to hand. This can help your doctor to make a swift referral if required.

Addressing Critical Gaps in the Treatment of Eating Disorders with Dr Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft

This webinar with Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Dr Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft, discusses all of her incredible work addressing treatment gaps in eating disorders. Her research and interventions, including chatbots and mobile screening tools, are designed to make eating disorder treatments more easily available and have further reach, and ensure that professionals are trained effectively to consistently deliver only evidence-based treatments.