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Being a Positive Bystander: Scenarios to Discuss with Children and Teens

Talking in family life about the importance of being a good bystander is vital to help our children navigate situations that they are likely to find themselves in. Use these scenarios (for both younger children and teens) to initiate discussion about common circumstances where they might find themselves witness to harmful talk, abuse or bigotry and work out how they can challenge it.

Andrew Tate and Toxic Influencers: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Over the past few months it has been difficult to avoid social media influencer and misogynistic content creator, Andrew Tate. But, who is he? What should we know about him? He’s one of the most Googled men on earth, a champion kickboxer and an ‘entrepreneur’. He has a vast fan base among boys and men in countries all over the world and is a regular ‘talking point’ among young people. His views about women and girls have become notorious and he’s been banned from many mainstream social media platforms. Despite this, his appeal continues to flourish, with many users sharing his hateful content online.

In this webinar with expert, Dr Lisa Sugiura, we take a closer look at Andrew Tate, his methodologies, his appeal to some children and teens and what we can do to mitigate the risk that exposure to such material can bring.

Misogyny and Sexism: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Following increased media and government attention around several high-profile murders of women and violence against women and girls (VAWG), in the UK, ‘misogyny’ is a term that has recently gained prominence. Misogyny is not a new phenomenon, but there is significant misunderstanding about what it is, and this negatively impacts attempts to tackle it. Understanding and defining what misogyny and sexism actually mean is crucial to dismantling them and achieving gender equality. In this webinar, we explain clearly what the terms mean and what they ‘look like’ in real life. We also give parents and educators tools for recognising and tackling them at home and school.

Glossary of Incel Terms

This glossary has been put together by Dr Lewys Brace, a senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Exeter. It’s designed to be used by school staff to aid awareness of the sort of language used by the incel community.

The Incel Ideology, Online Extremist Ecosystems, and Their Impact on Young People: What School Staff Need to Know

This webinar explores the nature of how young people engage with incel and other extremist content online in Britain today. Dr Lewys Brace explains ‘where we are’ with this kind of ideology and the extent to which children and young people are engaging with it. He discusses the sites and online spaces that young people are inhabiting, explains the worldview and language used by these online communities and highlights any known red flags.

“Everyone’s Invited”: Key Messages and Actionable Takeaways

These slides, created by Dr Weston as part of her talk series in schools about the Everyone’s Invited movement, will be of interest to those who have attended any of her staff CPD talks on this theme. They are not to be circulated or used without her express consent. For reference only.