Tooled Up Education

Autism Conference Talk: An Educators’ Guide to Autism and Gender Dysphoria

Join Dr Kate Cooper for a deep dive into the intersection of autism and gender dysphoria. Watch this webinar for an understanding of how challenges with communication, dealing with change, and identity can affect an autistic young person experiencing gender dysphoria. There are lots of practical tips for support: how to approach this with kindness and curiosity, and how to empower parents in helping their children.

Dr Weston Talks with Bennie Kara: Embracing and Valuing Diversity in Schools

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Bennie Kara, deputy headteacher, author and speaker on diversity in the curriculum and school environment. Bennie shares her wealth of expertise on how schools can build an inclusive school culture, talks about the importance of language and outlines some key terminology that all educators and parents should be aware of.

Gender Equality and Books

Gender equality experts, Lifting Limits, explain why exposing children to literature that does not present harmful gender stereotypes. Featuring their top books for children of primary age and younger, they also include some tips on how to evaluate whether or not you are reading representative texts with your children.

Gender Stereotypes: Why They Matter and How to Challenge Them

In this video, Dr Weston is joined by Kirsty Ruthven, Head of Education at gender equality charity, Lifting Limits. Kirsty describes just how pervasive and just how problematic gender stereotypes are for our children’s outcomes and outlines key advice for how we can challenge them at home and at school.

Books that Feature Strong Female Characters

Now more than ever, all young people need access to high quality literature featuring inspirational girls and women. This list of books should give you some appropriate texts to try. Like all our resources, it gets frequently updated and revised.