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Autism Conference – Watch The Whole Day!

Learn how to support autistic young people in your school with our autism conference, bursting at the seams with positive and practical tips. Over six hours of content included (we have also included each talk as individual videos on our website if you would rather watch them separately).

Autism Conference Talk: An Autistic Composer Shares How Autism Shaped His Musical Career

Join Benji Merrison as he shares the ways in which autism helped to shape his successful career as an Emmy-nominated composer (for his work on the David Attenborough documentaries Green Planet and Dynasties). Listen for an uplifting perspective on autism as an essential component of some of the most beautiful things humans have created! Music in turn gave Benji the emotional-regulation his undiagnosed younger self needed.

Dr Weston Talks with Ella Podmore MBE: Inspiring Young Engineers

In this interview, Dr Weston chats with Ella Podmore about her role as senior materials engineer at McLaren Automotive. Ella answers questions from children and young people, talking inspiringly about setting goals and how to work towards achieving them. Passionate about inspiring other girls into STEM industries, Ella also highlights some campaigns and organisations working in this field.

Q&A with Laura Merrifield, England Women’s Lacrosse Captain

Anyone interested in sport, lacrosse or general brilliance should take a peek at this webinar featuring Laura Merrifield, England Women’s Lacrosse Captain. Watch Laura reflect on her career highlights and provide advice for young athletes who want to enjoy and learn more about Lacrosse. This is a great interview to watch with any sporty children and teens.

Dr Weston Talks with Rugby Star and PE Teacher Sonia (Sonic) Green

In this interview, Dr Weston chats to England and Saracens rugby player, Sonia Green, otherwise known as Sonic. They discuss how to encourage sporting participation, how to balance academic pressures with sporting aspirations and the best way to deal with inevitable injuries. A must listen for all parents of young athletes and their children.

Dr Weston Talks with Justin Bowen: Supporting Bereaved Children at School – a Father’s Story

In this interview, Dr Weston talks with Justin Bowen about his own family’s experience of loss and what prompted him to write support books for parents, schools and children experiencing bereavement. They discuss how schools can best support children who have lost a loved one (and how settings can access Justin’s fantastic and practical book, ‘Be The Rainbow’) and dwell on Justin’s personal insights into things that helped him and his family manage through this deeply challenging time. Justin’s story is an inspiring and empowering message of hope and optimism, and will help schools to see what an important role they can play in helping to heal children who have experienced the death of someone close to them.

Professor Tamsin Ford Answers All of Your Questions

Leading psychiatrist, Professor Tamsin Ford, joins us to answer your top questions about anything and everything related to raising children. This open and honest interview draws on both Professor Ford’s expertise and her personal experiences and covers topics as diverse as aspiration, the school assessment system, adoption and gender. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!