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Dr Christie talks with Professor Johan Korhonen: Math Anxiety and Math Performance

In this interview, Professor Johan Korhonen talks with us about math anxiety and its role on math performance. Find out about why math anxiety may develop in children, what are the early signs of math anxiety, and how it may impact future educational aspirations. Professor Korhonen provides a number of insights into strategies both parents and teachers can implement immediately at home and at school to ease math anxiety in children.

Maths Apps and Games to Play at Home

There are lots of maths-based apps and games that are designed to encourage a love of maths and improve numeracy skills. Here are some fun and engaging examples.

Myths and Truths about Dyscalculia with Dr Jo Van Herwegen

Dr Van Herwegen outlines commonly believed myths and truths about developmental dyscalculia and explores the latest research evidence about mathematical learning difficulties, with a focus on the school years. Teachers and parents can both benefit from watching this thought-provoking webinar.

Times Tables Tips to Help Your Child

If the process of learning times tables is fun, children are more likely to engage, memorise and learn. There are lots of tips in this resource to think about.

Family Maths

Parents can really boost a child’s learning if they engage in fun, innovative learning games at home, in family life.

Maths Anxiety

In this video, parents are introduced to the idea of “maths anxiety”. If we have negative feelings towards maths, it can easily affect our children and their confidence level. By being conscious of this concept, we are better able to take the first steps in not passing on our own worries about numbers!