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Everything You Need to Know about ‘Doxing’ (or ‘Doxxing’)

‘Doxing’ or ‘doxxing’ involves the intentional release of private or identifiable information about an individual online without their consent by a third party. In this article, Dr Lisa Sugiura talks us through what doxing is, what harm it does and how to help protect ourselves and our children from it.

Taking a Closer Look at TikTok

In this webinar, Dr Weston and psychologist, Dr Elly Hanson, discuss some of the more worrying content shared on TikTok and outline what parents and carers can do to mitigate harm, reduce risk and keep their children and teens safe online. Please note that this webinar is recommended for adult viewing only as it may contain distressing and hard-hitting content and imagery.

Internet Safety Conversation Starters

Internet Safety Day is coming up on February 8th. It’s a good reminder that one of the best things we can do to help young people to enjoy the online world safely is to talk to them about it. These 50 simple prompts can be used in everyday chat to open up conversations about critical thinking, fact-checking, behaviour and safety online.

Online Safety: Using Parental Controls

Once your child has a phone, or access to the internet, it’s impossible to shield them entirely from potentially viewing, or being sent, inappropriate content. However, there are many tools available which can help to filter or block things that are adult or distressing. As parents, it’s important for us to familiarise ourselves with the settings on any devices in our homes and make use of parental controls.