Tooled Up Education

A Quick Guide to Energy Drinks (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Around one in three young people – particularly boys – say that they regularly consume energy drinks, with under 18s in the UK consuming more than their peers in other European countries. This Quick Guide, developed in conjunction with the DSM Foundation, covers information that parents and carers need to know about energy drinks, as well as signposting to additional resources.

A Quick Guide to Nitrous Oxide (And Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Nitrous oxide is the third most commonly used drug, according to NHS data, and laughing gas – as it is sometimes called – never seems far from the headlines. But the lighthearted nickname belies the harm this drug can cause. This quick guide, developed in conjunction with drugs education charity the DSM Foundation, covers the most important things that parents and carers need to know about nitrous oxide, as well as signposting to further sources of information.

Dr Christie Talks with Dr Emma Ross from The Well HQ: Talking More Openly About Female Bodies, Women’s Health and Helping Girls Thrive in Sport and Movement

Dr Emma Ross, former Head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport and founder of The Well HQ, talks to us about her new book and all things related to women, girls and sport. We learn about the need to change the language often used to talk to girls about their bodies and give them the confidence to advocate for themselves, how to fuel girls’ bodies adequately to provide them with the energy they need, the importance of well-fitting, comfortable sports bras and kit, the importance of menstrual cycle tracking and how to keep girls up girls’ interest and enjoyment in sport. This wide ranging, practical interview is a must listen for anyone who supports women and girls and anyone who wants to know more about women’s health, fitness and movement.

A Quick Guide to Vaping (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Teenage vaping should be a non-issue, given it has been illegal to sell e-cigarettes or e-liquids to under 18s since 2015. Yet data from drugs education charity the DSM Foundation puts awareness of vaping among 15-18 year olds at a comparable level to alcohol, and this trend is mirrored in younger age groups according to research conducted by the NHS. This quick guide covers the most important things that parents and carers need to know about vaping, as well as signposting to further sources of information within Tooled Up and elsewhere.

Reducing the Risk of Severe Allergic Reactions and Getting Things Right in Schools

Managing pupils’ allergies can be a challenging business. In this webinar, one of the leading paediatric allergy experts in the country, Professor Adam Fox, is joined by allergy parent, Sarah Knight of The Allergy Team – an organisation offering support and training to schools and families. Together, they discuss what ‘optimal’ looks like, outlining what every school needs to know about allergy care and the steps required to reduce the risk of severe allergic reaction. Schools are advised to ensure that as many staff as possible watch this webinar, particularly those from medical teams, senior leadership, pastoral care and catering departments.

All About Allergies Follow Up with Professor Adam Fox

Following on from the success of his last Q&A for Tooled Up parents and carers, Professor Fox returns to answer more of your questions. He also discusses a unique model of working with parents of children with allergies, which he is bringing forward in his practice.

Visiting the Dentist: A Video for Children

This video is designed for parents to watch with their young children, particularly when the child feels worried or anxious about having their teeth checked, or is visiting the dentist for the first time. It takes children through an actual dental consultation, all the way from entering the building and talking to the receptionist to saying goodbye and (maybe) getting a sticker. On the way, we explore what happens during the check-up and explain why the dentist uses certain tools. It even features a fun quiz!

Q&A with Dentist Peter McCarron

How should teens clean their teeth if they have braces? What happens if you lose a tooth? How old should children be when they start cleaning their own teeth? What’s the best toothpaste for kids? Are electric or manual brushes better? Dentist, Peter McCarron, answers all of your frequently asked questions.

Dr Neil Black Answers Your Diabetes Questions on #WorldDiabetesDay

Endocrinologist, Dr Neil Black, answers questions from interested children and parents about diabetes. What are the main symptoms? How is it treated? Is diabetes contagious? How do you get it? How does it make you feel? Watch this webinar to find out. Dr Black also tells us about an excellent free toolkit for schools, packed with information and training.