Tooled Up Education

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Jessie Ricketts: Love to Read – Reading Development and Motivation

In this interview, Professor Jessie Ricketts talks to us about her innovative research into reading and language development in both teens and younger children. We explore early reading development, find out how reading ability continues to evolve into adolescence and discuss evidence-based ways to boost young people’s motivation to read. Professor Ricketts also provides lots of information on useful tools that can be used in the classroom.

Bridging the Gap: What Scientists Know and What Parents Practise in Children’s Early Reading Development

Join us for an enlightening discussion about the disconnect between scientific research and parent practices when it comes to children’s early literacy development. Dialogic reading and other evidence-based literacy practices have been widely acclaimed by experts for nearly 30 years, yet many parents are still not implementing these methods at home. We’ll dive into the literary landscape of children’s early literacy development and the crucial role of sensitive parenting during parent-child reading. Through the perspectives of 21 British parents from diverse backgrounds, we’ll explore their views on the best ways to teach children to read. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the gap between research and practice in early literacy and learn how parents, teachers, and scientists can bridge it together.

Separating Fact from Fiction in Early Reading with Professor Kathy Rastle

In this webinar for Tooled Up school staff, Professor Kathy Rastle unpicks why a sound knowledge of phonics is utterly crucial in enabling children to become skilled readers. She succinctly explains why other methods are ineffective, outlines how teachers can ensure that any interventions they use are effective and evidence-based and provides a wealth of further resources for school staff to consult.

Letter Reversals (b and d) Flash Card

Lots of young children reverse letters that are mirror images of each other. This flash card can be used in class to remind children how to correctly form the letters b and d.

Letter Reversals Activity (b and d)

Lots of young children reverse letters that are mirror images of each other. Use this worksheet to help children who get mixed up with b and d.

Exciting Books for 11-13 Year Olds

There will be something in this list of exciting and adventurous books to attract even the most reluctant reader. Featuring everything from classics, new releases, spy thrillers and fantasy adventures, take a look and challenge your child to see how many they can read.

20 Poetry Books for All Ages

Take a look through our list of must read poetry collections, for young people of all ages. These collections provide the perfect introduction to verse, as well as some great inspiration for aspiring wordsmiths!