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Researcher of the Month: Anya Heneghan Discusses the Experiences of Young People Who Have a Sibling with an Eating Disorder

Researcher of the Month, Anya Heneghan talks to us about her work which examines the experiences of siblings when they have a brother or sister with an eating disorder. She talks us through what the existing research shows about how consuming eating disorders can be for siblings and provides numerous tips to help parents support all of their children throughout this very challenging situation.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Nikita Hayden: Siblings of Children with Autism

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Dr Nikita Hayden about the experiences of young people who have siblings with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Research into the outcomes of these children is extremely mixed. Dr Hayden unpacks the complexities of this, highlighting more complex family factors that also impact on young people’s outcomes. She asserts the need to target support to those young people who actually need it and discusses meaningful things that schools and families can do to help support siblings and foster good sibling relationships.

Supporting Siblings When Their Brother or Sister Has an Eating Disorder

Join Dr Kathy Weston and consultant clinical psychologist, Dr Sophie Nesbitt, for a discussion of the best ways to support the siblings of young people with eating disorders. The family-based nature of most eating disorder treatment approaches means that siblings are likely to be highly impacted when their brother or sister has an eating disorder. Dr Nesbitt shares advice on how to approach conversations with siblings, how to support them through worries and wobbles and how to consider responding to tricky questions.

Supporting Young People through Sibling Bereavement with Dr Laura Towers

The death of a sibling impacts upon every aspect of a young person’s life. Understanding how to effectively support surviving siblings is essential for all parents, carers and educators and evidence-based approaches are key. In this webinar, expert sociologist, Dr Laura Towers, will share what we know about the impact of sibling loss and ways to support those affected.

Researcher of the Month: Emre Deniz Discusses Sibling Bullying

Our researcher of the month, PhD student Emre Deniz, talks to Dr Weston about sibling bullying. They discuss how common this phenomenon is, how often it goes unnoticed and what it involves. Learn more about predictive and protective factors, as well as optimal ways that parents can respond to bullying in the home. Emre specialises in sibling relationships for neurodiverse children and he outlines how parents can proactively encourage positive sibling bonds for children with autism.

Welcoming a New Baby: Supporting Siblings

Whilst welcoming a new baby is a hugely exciting time for the whole family, like any period of transition, it can also cause some feelings of anxiety or worry in older siblings. Our practical, evidence-informed advice can help to make this change go as smoothly as possible.

Celebrate Your Sibling

Did you know that strong bonds between brothers and sisters are important not only for levels of harmony in everyday family life, but also for long term wellbeing? This activity will encourage your child to celebrate the great things about their sibling(s) and reflect on what they might be able to do to improve their relationship.