Tooled Up Education

A Quick Guide to Festivals (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

A music festival is about so much more than the headline act. It’s an immersive event that feels a million miles away from everyday life – and for parents, a daunting prospect if their teenager announces it as their next big plan! This quick guide, developed in conjunction with drugs education charity the DSM Foundation, covers the most important things that parents and carers need to know about festivals, as well as signposting to further sources of information. Please note that legal information and some of the services referenced are applicable to the UK and rules for other countries may differ.

Treating Others Kindly (an Activity for Children Aged 12 and Under)

This game for children up to the age of 12 focuses on ‘relational bullying’, where young people are unkind to each other in various insidious ways, such as spreading rumours, eye rolling or exclusion. It nudges children to identify these unkind behaviours and then consider how they might make others feel. It also prompts them to think about their values around being kind to others and identify how friends should treat one another.

Managing Tics with Dr Seonaid Anderson

Join expert, Dr Seonaid Anderson, as she talks us through some of the treatments and management strategies used by people with tics and tic disorders, such as Tourette syndrome.

‘I’m Moving Up to Year…’: An Activity to Help Young Children Prepare for the Transition to a New Class

This activity is aimed at children at the lower end of primary school who will soon be moving to a new year group. It gently nudges them to consider how this change makes them feel and to think of all the things that they are excited about, as well as anything that might make them feel a bit wobbly. It features places for them to draw their new teacher and friends and spaces for them to list out the things they love about their current class, the things they are looking forward to and any worries they have. It is a great starting place for ongoing conversations about this transition.

Researcher of the Month: Professor Beatriz Ilari Discusses the Impact of Music on Young People’s Development

Researcher of the month, Professor Beatriz Ilari chats to us about how music has a wide-ranging impact on young people’s social and emotional development. We might assume that being ‘musical’ means playing an instrument, but Professor Ilari stresses the importance of everyday musical experiences and simply of listening to and engaging with our favourite bands or songs. In this interview, we find out more about her fascinating work.