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Supporting Your Child if They Feel Worried about Their School Residential Trip

Whilst some children count down the days until their school residential, others worry. Being away from home, eating different foods, trying new activities and being in an unfamiliar place can be exciting, but some children find this change to the norm challenging, and they might even be reluctant to go. If your child is feeling a bit wobbly about an upcoming residential trip, take a look at our actionable tips, designed to equip you to work through their concerns together and help them to feel more prepared.

My School Trip

For many children, going away on a school trip is a really exciting experience. For others, it can be a big source of anxiety. This activity encourages children to consider what they are looking forward to and also anything that’s making them feel a bit wobbly, and provides an opportunity for parents and school staff to work with them and come up with a plan of what might make them feel better about it.

Autism Conference Bonus Talk: Neurodiversity in Early Childhood

How can we celebrate neurodiversity and empower children in their early years? Join ADHD and autism early childhood specialist Kerry Murphy for a presentation on how we can identify our (usually unconscious) ableist assumptions and start to replace them with neurodivergent-led practices. For example, how to incorporate a child’s special interests or stimming to help them feel safe and happy.

Autism Conference Bonus Talk: How to Support Autistic Children with PDA

Join educational and autism consultant/author Laura Kerbey for a presentation on PDA. Learn about the main characteristics of PDA, and crucially how young people often avoid things they love to do because of the anxiety triggered by the perceived demand or expectation. Laura talks us through some tools for support, including low-demand communication.

Autism Conference Talk: An Autistic Composer Shares How Autism Shaped His Musical Career

Join Benji Merrison as he shares the ways in which autism helped to shape his successful career as an Emmy-nominated composer (for his work on the David Attenborough documentaries Green Planet and Dynasties). Listen for an uplifting perspective on autism as an essential component of some of the most beautiful things humans have created! Music in turn gave Benji the emotional-regulation his undiagnosed younger self needed.

Autism Conference Talk: A Demonstration of the “SOFA” App – Write Stories to Support Autistic Children

Watch this demonstration of the helpful app “SOFA” (Stories Online for Autism) with Louis Camilleri. Learn how you can co-create stories with autistic children to reduce anxiety about upcoming events. For example, you will be able to create a story about a new school, introducing your child to their classroom and teacher and detailing what will happen the following day. Write a story about any activity to prepare your child and increase their confidence.