Tooled Up Education

Supporting Transition: Quick Tips for Parents

Changes at school or home are exciting times in a child’s life, and in yours, but they can also feel a little bit daunting. To help children approach change with a sense of excitement rather than dread, we have 10 transition tips for parents that can be ‘tried and applied’ at home. Watch this short video to learn more.

Becoming a Resilient Reviser (A Video for Primary-Aged Children)

Tests and exams are a fact of life for all children. As parents, our goal should be to teach them that exams are not to be feared or perceived as stressful or traumatic. We should encourage them to view tests as a normal part of school life, which they should approach as proactively and positively as possible. This short video can be shared with your child to help them understand more about effective revision strategies.

Charging Up My Body and Brain (A Video for Children)

Dr Weston shares four simple tips for primary-aged children which will boost their body and brain, helping them to feel more motivated and alert each day. She explains, in simple terms, why getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, eating a great breakfast and trying new experiences are all things which help us to function well and feel good. One to share with your children!

Researcher of the Month: Anya Heneghan Discusses the Experiences of Young People Who Have a Sibling with an Eating Disorder

Researcher of the Month, Anya Heneghan talks to us about her work which examines the experiences of siblings when they have a brother or sister with an eating disorder. She talks us through what the existing research shows about how consuming eating disorders can be for siblings and provides numerous tips to help parents support all of their children throughout this very challenging situation.

Tackling Prejudice: Schools and Parents Working Together

Bennie Kara is a deputy headteacher in the East Midlands, specialising in curriculum, teaching and learning. She is an award-winning speaker, writer and trainer on diversity in schools and the curriculum, co-founder of Diverse Educators and a professional associate at Leeds Beckett University. This webinar aims to provide parents with information about how best to speak to their child about prejudice and how to support children if they are experiencing any prejudice at school from their peers.

Raising a Resilient Teen with Dr Kathy Weston

Join Dr Weston for this dynamic webinar packed full of the best evidence-based ideas for boosting your brilliant tween or teen’s emotional, academic or digital resilience.

A Quick Guide to Ketamine (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

In terms of usage among young people, ketamine comes just below nitrous oxide in survey data gathered from 15-18 year olds by drugs
education charity the DSM Foundation, with just under a third of respondents saying that they feel it is used by their peers. This quick guide, developed in conjunction with the DSM Foundation, covers the most important things that parents and carers need to know about ketamine, as well as signposting to further sources of information.

A Quick Guide to Festivals (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

A music festival is about so much more than the headline act. It’s an immersive event that feels a million miles away from everyday life – and for parents, a daunting prospect if their teenager announces it as their next big plan! This quick guide, developed in conjunction with drugs education charity the DSM Foundation, covers the most important things that parents and carers need to know about festivals, as well as signposting to further sources of information. Please note that legal information and some of the services referenced are applicable to the UK and rules for other countries may differ.