Tooled Up Education

Treating Others Kindly (an Activity for Children Aged 12 and Under)

This game for children up to the age of 12 focuses on ‘relational bullying’, where young people are unkind to each other in various insidious ways, such as spreading rumours, eye rolling or exclusion. It nudges children to identify these unkind behaviours and then consider how they might make others feel. It also prompts them to think about their values around being kind to others and identify how friends should treat one another.

Managing Tics with Dr Seonaid Anderson

Join expert, Dr Seonaid Anderson, as she talks us through some of the treatments and management strategies used by people with tics and tic disorders, such as Tourette syndrome.

Raising a Bilingual Child: Tips for Parents with Dr Rose Drury

This webinar is designed for parents or carers who are raising a bilingual child in the early or primary school years. Drawing on the latest research, expert Dr Rose Drury will address parents’ most pressing questions. What does research suggest are the main advantages to being bilingual? When raising a bilingual child, what’s optimal? Should parents speak their mother tongue at home or only English? Will learning a second language interfere with the development of a child’s mother tongue? Do young children pick up language more easily than older children? How do we avoid confusing our children whilst wanting them to thrive in both languages? Parents will come away from the webinar armed with practical strategies for supporting their children within family life.

Moving Up to Year 7: An Activity for Children

This activity is aimed at young people who will soon be moving up to Year 7. It nudges them to consider how change makes them feel and think of all the things that they are excited about as well as anything that might make them feel a bit wobbly. It is similar to our activity called ‘How Do I feel About Change’ but has additional sections on seeking further information and making new friends.

How Do I Feel about Change? (Activity for Children Moving Class Group or to a New School)

If your child is in the older years of primary/prep school and is embarking on a transition – perhaps to a new setting, or maybe just a new year group, it’s a good idea to nudge them to consider upcoming changes, focusing on all the exciting things about them but also noticing anything that makes them feel a bit wobbly. That way they can work out how to make themselves feel better!

Parenting a Child at Boarding School: Strategies for Staying Connected and Close

It is not uncommon for the parents of children who board to feel both excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for their children, whilst also feeling a little apprehensive about the separation. What is our role during term-time and how can we optimally support the school and our children during this period? How should we approach emails, phone calls and e-communication with our children in ways that benefit everyone? What strategies can we put in place to manage our own worries and wobbles and ensure they don’t get transferred to our children? How can we ensure our children make the most of the boarding experience but also enjoy their time at home in ways that feel enjoyable for all? Dr Gauri Seth answers all of your questions.